Monday, 22 January 2018

Mattresses of The Amazon - It's a Jungle of Variety Out There!

Many of us have considering buying a mattress online using Amazon. There are over 50,000 results and the variety can be overwhelming. There are different ways to narrow down which mattress to get. There are also special deals and different delivery options available.

Size -Queen, King, Twin
Obviously you need a specific size of mattress and it depends if it's for your kids or you. First consider which room your mattress is going in. Measure the exact size to ensure that the one you are buying online fits.

Posture Support
Back support is a much needed feature in this day and age. Professionally made mattresses have this important feature which ensures that your mattress isn't too soft or too hard. Sleeping with proper back support makes your work day easier.

Liquid Guard
We all sweat during our sleep and our skin produces oils on a daily basis. This all gets into the mattress. Professional mattress have a proper liquid guard. This ensures that liquid is repelled and not absorbed into the mattress. This features also makes it easy to clean and remove stains. Proper mattresses also have a ventilation feature for the material.

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How To Remove Chocolate Stains From Carpet

Chocolate can be a hard stain to remove from your carpet. However it's not impossible to remove it. It depends if it's a wet stain from nutella or hot chocolate or a dry stain from cocoa. Here are steps you should follow for each.

Cocoa Powder
Dry powder is the easiest form of chocolate to remove. Most stains are easily removed with vacuuming. If there is residue use a damp cloth to lightly dab at the stain to remove it from the carpet.

Hot Chocolate
The tricky part about hot chocolate is the fatty milk portion. The fat can readily soak into carpet fiber and stain the carpet. You can blot the edges of the liquid with clean paper towel to prevent it from spreading to other areas of the carpet. However, it is necessary to have professional carpet cleaning done to properly clean and sanitize the carpet.

For Nutella chocolate it really depends on the amount of chocolate spilled. You should give it time to dry and avoid stepping on the spill. Once it is dry you can gently scrap it off the carpet pile with a butter knife. If there is remaining residue, use a damp cloth to lightly scrub the area to remove the stain.

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How to get cigarette smells out of carpet

Smoking can produce unpleasant smells in your carpet. This is a problem in rental units and apartment during tenant turn over. Thankfully there are different methods for cigarette smoke removal.

Odour removal depends on how long the unit has been used and how frequently the tenant smoked. Cigarettes also produce toxic chemical compounds versus organic particles that are easy to break down.

Carpet Cleaning Compounds
These can be bought at department stores for adequate pricing. The compound is sprinkled on carpet. Then it is rubbed into the carpet with a soft brush. The compound is allowed to set for a minimum of 30 minutes. Then it is vacuumed up.

Baking Soda Deodorizer
You can get regular baking soda or scented baking soda carpet deodorizers at regular department stores. Similarly, the baking soda is sprinkled on the carpet and rubbed in. The powder is allowed to set for 30 minutes or longer. Then it is vacuumed up.

Professional Carpet Cleaning
Expert carpet cleaning essentially washes the carpet. For odour removal deodorizers are used to take away unwanted smells. This process uses professional carpet cleaning equipment to deep clean the carpet. This method is more thorough than the previous methods.

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Can Your Pet Stop Being Afraid of The Vacuum Cleaner?

The technical term for the fear of vacuum cleaners is Zuigerphobia. Most of us know that our pets can be completely scared of the vacuum cleaner. Young pets are new to the loud noises they produce. However, the fear usually persists even in aged pets. There are ways you can keep your pet from being scared and to become accustom to your vacuuming routine.

Lower The Volume
On more modern vacuum cleaners you can adjust the power setting. This means you can lower the volume a bit on the machine so that it isn't overwhelming. Vacuum on low settings at first and see how your pet perceives it. Overtime slowly increase the setting. Your pet should adjust to the noise level as well.

Room Isolation
If your pet still hates the vacuum you may have to place your pet in a different room while you vacuum. The further away from the noise the better. If you can have someone hold your pet while vacuuming is going on its even better.

Weight Vests
This may be a last resort but a weight vest can do wonders. These are much like harness leashes but they are a bit heavier. This provides warmth and comfort to soothe your pet. They are frequently used for air travel, boat travel and even car travel.

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The Dangers of Dirty Retail Store Carpets

High-end stores and dirty carpet just don't mix. However, even in expensive stores this horrible feature can go unaddressed. There are many dangers of a retail store having dirty carpets. We also expect nothing the best from expensive stores whether they are for jewelry, furniture, clothes or household items. Here are some side effects of dirty carpets in a retail store.

Bacteria comes with frequent foot traffic on a carpet. It proliferates best with the presence of food and wet conditions. As the bacteria are allowed to grow it creates unpleasant smells that can only be removed and sanitized with professional carpet cleaning.

Many stores don't allow food or drink for a good reason. Food can be spilled on merchandise and it can get spilled on the carpet. If unaddressed the food spill can attract mould. The mould is hard to get rid of and is hazardous. Often the whole carpet has to be removed to get rid of the mould.

Dirt and Dust
Even with regular vacuuming, a retail carpet can accumulate a large amount of dirt. Retail carpets get ample amounts of dirt and dust because of frequent foot traffic they receive from hundreds of customers every day. This amounts to large amounts of dirt and dust accumulating in the carpets. Only professional carpet cleaning can get this out.

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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Where Does The Iconic Black and White Stock Photo Rug Come From?

If you use stock photos you may have noticed the frequency of a black and white squared patterned rug. You can get this iconic rug is officially called Lappljung Ruta and it's available at Ikea for close to $150 CAN. There is an interesting number of features for this rug.

The black and white geometric pattern gives this rug a modern look. It can help unify a room with furniture that has solid colors. The geometric pattern can also help you place furniture and dining room chairs at equal distances.

Easy To Maintain
The rug is flat woven and has a short pile. This makes it easy ideal if you have pets since fur is less likely to get tangled in the pile. The backing features a non-slip gripping layer to keep the rug in place. Its recommended that you rotate them and vacuum the rug regularly.

Simple Cleaning
Professional cleaning is required to give the rug a proper deep cleaning. Annual rug cleaning not only cleans but it also helps renew rug pile. It keeps the material from becoming brittle and breaking off. Deep cleaning get rid of dirt, bacteria, mold and other debris.

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How To Get Permanent Marker Out Of Your Carpet

Permanent marker can be hard to remove from a carpet if you don't know how. You also need to be careful since many store bought carpet stain removal solutions can damage your carpets. You just need a few cleaning materials and some patients.

Permanent marker is a non-polar solution and would require another non-polar liquid to remove it from your carpet. There are a few solutions recommended for stain removal. Hair spray or rubbing alcohol can be used for stain removal treatment.

You will need oil free hair spray and a white cloth. Spray the cloth with hair spray. Dab the permanent marker stain on the carpet. The stain should slowly transfer to the cloth and out from the carpet material.

Rubbing alcohol is only recommended for synthetic carpet. It can cause unwanted damages to carpets made from other materials. The stain removal method is similar. Apply the alcohol to a clean cloth and dab at the stain to remove it.

If you're not confident for your own stain removal method you should contact a professional carpet cleaner. They can get the stain and can provide deep carpet cleaning which your carpet needs on an annual basis.

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