Thursday, 21 September 2017

The Best Carpet For The Library

Libraries are great places to study and relax. Most libraries have carpets installed for a number of important reasons. Not only to carpets dampen noise but they help keep the location clean and provide insulation. There are certain carpets that are suited to the library environment.

Library carpets need to accommodate a large volume of people. This means heavy foot traffic for the location. For this reason the carpet needs shock absorbing under pad to prevent excessive wearing from mechanical damage.

Many library entrance areas have entrance rugs on top of the carpet. This helps capture water, snow, dust and other dirt from shoes. In the process it keeps the library clean by trapping most of the dirt and preventing it from spreading.

Synthetic material for carpets is recommended because it is wear resistant. It is also easy to clean and comes in a variety of different thicknesses. Thicker carpet can be used to dampen noise and generate a quiet atmosphere.

The library carpets should be steam cleaned once a year to maintain them. Carpet cleaning washes the carpet and extracts the dirty water from the carpet material. It prevents allergy symptoms from dust mites, mould and other allergy particles.

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Carpet Protection For Your Study

We spend lots of time in study rooms for work, school and other activities. If you have carpet in your study you need to protect from different sources of wearing. Wearing primarily comes from furniture and improper carpet cleaning. Here are a few sources of damage and ways to protect your carpet against it.

Your chair will be frequently rubbing against the carpet. You will pull it out and in to your desk area. While you are seated you will adjust your seat or shift a bit. This also cause friction on the carpet. For this reason, you will see most carpet wearing in this area. Place a protective plastic sheet under your chair and desk area will protect your carpet from chair friction damage.

Furniture, in general, is a source of carpet damage. Desks, shelves and other furniture may be just sitting there but they are slowly damaging the carpet underneath them. The weight of these items press into the carpet and can wear out carpet pile. Shock absorbent under pad can offset most of the damage. You may also want to consider rearranging furniture every couple months to allow the carpet fiber to breathe.

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Furniture and Carpet Damage

Furniture can cause unwanted damages to carpets. It can cause damages from a number of different sources but thankfully most carpet damage can be prevented. Asides from regular weekly vacuuming there are a few simple ways to protect your carpet from furniture.

Primarily furniture cause damages from its weight and from it shifting during use. Having the correct the underpad will absorb mechanical pressure from gravity and friction. The underpad helps keep the carpet and furniture in place.

The carpet pile needs to breathe and take a break from furniture pressing into it. By rotating the arrangement of the furniture you allow sections of the carpet to breathe. This prevents these sections of carpet from permanently flattening and breaking.

Annual carpet steam cleaning also prevents carpet damages. This cleaning process renews the carpet material and conditions it. This makes the material resilient to mechanical damages and stops it from becoming brittle.

Place padding underneath furniture legs can also prevent the furniture from cause friction damage to the carpet. Padding can be bought at most department stores and is easily applied to furniture. The attachments are plastic or made from fabric material.

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The Best Locations for Wool Carpet

Wool is a great carpet material but it can't go just anywhere. The material is plush and absorbent. It also has insulating qualities and dampens noise. The material is thick and can attract a lot of dust over time. For this reason the wool carpet should be placed in a carefully selected location.

Most people place wool rugs in the living room. It provides warmth and allows people to spend time doing activities on the carpet. The carpet is also friendly for pets to enjoy warmth and the plush texture of the carpet. People also install these carpets near a fireplace so they can better enjoy it.

Another ideal place is the bedroom. It can insulate against cold floors so you don't need to wear slippers or start your morning on the wrong foot. It also makes the room feel luxurious an bring comfort to the setting.

Hallways are also a great place for wool rugs. The thick material dampens excess noises so that echo is avoided. It can allow a more quiet passage for stairways as well. In a study room wool carpet can allow you to concentrate on tasks better.

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Carpets For Hotels

When it comes to carpets and hotels you may need different carpet for different locations. Each area has different requirements to accommodate guest and staff members. There is also a difference for the amount of foot traffic each area receives.

The lobby is the most important area of a hotel. This areas gives customers the first impression of the location. It is also a waiting area for visitors and for people waiting for valets or taxis. It is also the location that receives the most foot traffic. For this reason synthetic carpet is used since it's easy to clean and comes in many different designs.

The hallways usually have plush wool carpet installed. This dampens noises from guests and staff members passing through. Simple hard floors wood produce inconvenient echoes and would disturb guests during their visit.

The carpets in a hotel room vary. Regular room will contain synthetic carpet. It's easy to clean and the styles available add decor to the room to make it esthetically appealing. Hotels at ski resorts usually have plush wool carpet to provide insulation against the cold and reduce heating costs. Fancy hotels might have silk carpet installed.

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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

How Clean are Classroom Carpets?

If your child has allergies it may be worth looking into the standards of carpet cleanliness at their school. Carpets can hold a variety of allergens and other dirt. This makes them hazardous. Many school have carpets to dampen noise and for kids to play on. Most schools adhere to good cleaning routines but there are still some areas they might miss. Here are some questions you should ask the school for.

How often are the carpets vacuumed?
Classrooms get a high level of foot traffic which makes them prone to dust. The carpets require vacuuming at least two to three times a week to prevent the air quality from becoming bad.

How new are the carpet?
Old carpets often have brittle and worn out materials. If the school building is old them it's likely that the carpets contain a lot of dust and potential mould. New carpets need to be properly washed with steam cleaning because they can have all sorts of manufacturing debris and acquired dirt from just being handled and installed.

Does the school do annual carpet steam cleaning?
Carpet cleaning is part of carpet maintenance. Carpets need to be steam cleaned once a year to properly clean them. There is ample amounts of dirt and allergens that can't be removed with just vacuuming. Ask if your school does this carpet cleaning.

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Carpet steam cleaning and your lease

When it comes to finding a new place to live in the city more and more leasing contracts include carpet steam cleaning before you move in. This service is essential for cleaning the apartment between tenants and make a difference in the quality of the location.

Steam cleaning is essentially a process called pressurized hot water extraction. It uses specialized equipment to spray pressurized boiling hot water and cleaning solution on to the carpet. This step lifts and removes dirt trapped at the base of the carpet. This step essentially washes the carpet pile.

The last steps are even more important. Only professional grade steam cleaning equipment can do water extraction. Powerful vacuums remove the water and dirt from the carpet. The carpet pile is set in its original direction to allow it to dry efficiently.

With store bought steam cleaning equipment, you can't the same professional features. Most of these store bought machines don't have an extraction feature or the same power for water pressure and water temperature. These machines tend to soak carpets and cause unwanted damages.

Oversoaking the carpet is also dangerous. If the carpet can't dry efficiently black mould can grow and bacteria can proliferate in the carpet. Black mould is hazardous to your health and it may force you to replace the carpet.

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