Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Carpet steam cleaning and your lease

When it comes to finding a new place to live in the city more and more leasing contracts include carpet steam cleaning before you move in. This service is essential for cleaning the apartment between tenants and make a difference in the quality of the location.

Steam cleaning is essentially a process called pressurized hot water extraction. It uses specialized equipment to spray pressurized boiling hot water and cleaning solution on to the carpet. This step lifts and removes dirt trapped at the base of the carpet. This step essentially washes the carpet pile.

The last steps are even more important. Only professional grade steam cleaning equipment can do water extraction. Powerful vacuums remove the water and dirt from the carpet. The carpet pile is set in its original direction to allow it to dry efficiently.

With store bought steam cleaning equipment, you can't the same professional features. Most of these store bought machines don't have an extraction feature or the same power for water pressure and water temperature. These machines tend to soak carpets and cause unwanted damages.

Oversoaking the carpet is also dangerous. If the carpet can't dry efficiently black mould can grow and bacteria can proliferate in the carpet. Black mould is hazardous to your health and it may force you to replace the carpet.

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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

5 Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Essentials

When it comes to green cleaning it's important that you know your ingredients. There are common natural ingredients that help disinfect, deodorize and eliminate dirt.

Tea Tree Oil
This is extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant which is related to myrtle. This ingredient is used to treat mould, prevent bugs and as a moth treatment moths. It's also effective for removing soap scum.

Baking Soda
We're all familiar with this powder for baking. It's commonly labeled as sodium bicarbonate on the ingredients. This cleaning ingredient is used to deodorize and essentially absorb unwanted odours.

This is an active ingredient for disinfecting and cleaning. It's effective for killing bacteria and breaking through the dirt. Thyme has a light scent to it so its smell won't be overwhelming.

Lemon and Citrus  
Lemon and other citrus fruits are common for all cleaning supplies. This primarily used as a cleanser and deodorizer. This has a high pH 2 making it acidic. This helps breakdown dirt and kills bacteria leaving a fresh scent. Lemon juice is frequently combined with baking soda for cleaning.

This solution is considered as a weak acid. It's pH is around 4.5 and is milder than lemon juice. Similarly, it can be combined with baking soda during cleaning to oxidize stains and remove dirt scum.

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Monday, 14 August 2017

Daycare Carpet Cleaning Tips

When it comes to daycares proper cleaning is important especially for the kids. Daycares are notorious for bad colds kids receive. After cold season during the winter month it's a good idea to get things sanitized with professional cleaning.

Bathrooms are a major point of bacteria and virus transferring. If they aren't cleaned properly it's not helping the situation. Kids should have easy access with sinks and paper towel dispensers they can reach. Most schools and daycares have daily bathroom cleaning routines to ensure proper sanitation.

Surfaces such as door handles and drawer handles should be sanitized weekly. You can do this easily with disinfectant wipes or aerosol sprays. Computer mice and keyboards can be disinfect this way as well. In chairs have arms those should also be sanitized.

Daycare carpets should be steam cleaned at least once a year. Carpets receive a lot of foot traffic and dirt overtime. The only way to get it out is with a professional carpet steam cleaning service. Proper carpet cleaning will prevent and reduce allergy symptoms.

Entrance mats and any rugs also need to be professionally cleaned once a year. Entrance mats are prone to dirt accumulation from outside. Rugs and mats can also get stains from food and beverages. If they aren't cleaned it can attract mould and other pests.

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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Professional Gym Cleaning Checks

Other than the carpets, cleaning equipment and showers, there are a few other points of cleanliness that a gym must have. Poorly cleaned or neglected gyms can be hazardous in a number of ways. This is why it's important to that a gym has high standards of cleanliness.

Ask gym staff members about duct cleaning in the gym. Dirt and dust accumulates in these areas and needs to be cleaned or it can affect air quality. This in turn can affect your work out by causing allergies and respiratory problems.

If your gym has a towel cleaning service take a minute to ask how the towels are cleaned. Towels should be cleaned with hot water when they are put in the laundry. This ensures that they are properly sanitized against bacteria, viruses and other matter. Additionally check to see what cleaning solutions they use and if they use bleach.

If there is a furniture or a lobby take a moment to see how clean the area is. Furniture and carpets shouldn't be shady or stained. These items can be cleaned using professional steam cleaning. This cleaning services extracts dirt and sanitizes against bacteria, viruses and mould.

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Why Movie Theaters have Carpets

At first glance it seems impractical to have carpets installed at the movie theater. Sure it dampens noises but the movie theater accumulates a lot of dirt. Food, drink spills and dirt from heavy foot traffic are common sources of stains and dirt that accumulates. Food stands in the main lobby even have carpets for a number of reasons.

Primarily carpets have rugs to prevent slips and falls. Many restaurants incorporate carpet in their dining setting for the same reasons. On solid flooring it's easier to slip on spills and the mess needs to be cleaned right away. Drink spills on carpets as less hazardous and don't need to be cleaned right away.

Cutting cleaning costs starts with carpeted areas. Many commercial settings don't regularly clean carpets in their setting. Once the carpet reaches a critical point they usually choose to take out the old carpet and replace it with new material.

Stains don't readily show on carpets. Dark designs and colours prevent any stains from being prominent and visible. On regular hard floors its harder to disguise stains and they become unsightly almost right away.

Carpets provide insulating qualities and can reduce heating and air conditioning costs. Movie theaters have large rooms that need proper air temperatures. Carpets help keep the building warm or cool depending on the season.

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How to Manage Common Carpet Messes

Carpets receive a lot of use on a daily basis. As a result they accumulate a lot of dirt especially in a public area. They are also subjected to wet spills and other accidents. If these messes aren't dwelt with accordingly it can damage the carpet or make it unsightly. There are simple and effective ways to manage carpet messes.

Carpets will frequently be subjected to different food spills. Dry food spills are a bit easier to handle than beverage spills. Dry food spills can be easily vacuumed up. If you don't have a vacuum at hand you can sweep  most of the spill with a broom.

Drinks  or any wet spill from mud or water can be dealt with in the same way. First you should blot up the liquid with paper towels. Be sure not to rub in the liquid. Once you've finished with the paper towels you can dry up the remaining liquid with baking soda. This will also help deodorize the mess if necessary. The carpet mess can be vacuumed up.

You can also prevent damages and carpet messes from extreme weather conditions. Entrance mats are useful for keeping the rest of the area cleaner. They trap most dirt, sand, snow and rain water at the entrance and keep it from travelling to other areas.

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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Professional Cleaning For Gyms

Gyms are a great place to work out, get in shape and make a few friends. When you choose a gym you should keep in mind how clean it is. If they gym isn't up to clean standards you can end up with a lot of different problems. Here are a few areas that need to be cleaned carefully.

Gym carpets are great for dampening sounds and keeping equipment into place. They accumulate dirt over time due to heavy foot traffic and sweat. Dirty carpets have dust that will interfere with your work out. As your gym how often they get the carpets cleaning. They should be professionally cleaned once a year.

Many gyms provide disinfecting wipes for equipment. Some even go the extra mile and provide eco-friendly tea tree oil based cleaning wipes. These wipes help keep the gym clean by disinfecting against bacteria, viruses, and sweat.

The tile and grout in the showers and bathroom needs to be keep in very clean conditions. This area receives a lot of traffic and it's where people go to get cleaned up. Inspect the washrooms and check for mould as well as a cleaning record. Even if the bathroom is clean don't forget to wear your shower shoes. Never walk barefoot in this area.

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