Saturday, 16 December 2017

Chenille Furniture Leaves Its Mark

When it comes to furniture there are a lot of unique fabric materials to choose from including chenille. The fabric gets its name from the French word meaning caterpillar since the material is striped. The stripe effect is generated by using a pattern of long and short pile. Chenille fabric furniture has lots of comfortable features associated with it.

Chenille furniture has a soft comfortable texture. This makes it an area of comfort for pets and kids. However it's not recommended that you sleep on chenille fabric. The lines created by the different pile lengths will cause the pattern to transfer to your skin. Essentially you will have temporary marks on your skin when you wake up.

Chenille fabric furniture is also popular because of its unique sheen. The light hits it differently at new angles and creates brightened appearance. No other furniture type can produce this affect or light up a room in this subtle way.

Aside from lines chenille furniture can have other patterns created with different pile lengths. It comes in handy when considering custom furniture ideas. You can add designs, initials or logos depending on where the furniture will be.

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5 Great Couches For Your Living Room

Furniture is an essential part of your living room. So much happens here every day and during special events. You need the right furniture to suit your lifestyle. Here 5 Great couches for your living room.

Sectional Couch
Nothing makes a home more modern than a sectional couch. This type of furniture has been around for decades but only just peaked in popularity. L-shaped couches or sectional couched accommodate a large number of guest and fit nicely into corners.

Tuxedo Couch
If you want to go a little more vintage a tuxedo couch may be worth your while. This furniture item is long and has medium-sized arms that are the same height as the back. The couch feet are made of wood or steel. It's a great idea to pair this couch with a matching chaise.

Lawson Couch
This type of sofa was designed for a family environment. This couch is overstuffed with the arms can be either rolled or square. This typically seats three people with ample seating space. It's family friendly or just great for couples to relax and enjoy a show.

Loveseat Couch
Loveseats are becoming a steady part of living room furniture sets. As the name implies the couch is intended to be for two people or a couple. It's great for a games night when people are playing in teams. The two-seater couch comes in a variety of styles.

Camelback Couch
If you want a couch with curves camelback couches fit the bill. The back of the couch is arched and peaks in the middle and at the ends. This creates a sort of camel hump and achieves a pleasing slender form. The arms of a camelback couch are rolled or square and it has no back cushions.

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Furniture Cleaning And Your New Puppy

It's a new experience getting a puppy. For first time owners, it can be difficult looking after a puppy and there is a lot of patience required for training and mess management. It's likely your puppy will make a mess on the furniture and it's important you know how to save your furniture.

It's important to get to manage the stain as soon as it happens. For a urine, mess remove the couch cushion (if possible) and place it sideways to allow the liquid to run off. This prevents the liquid from soaking into the couch material.

For poop and urine apply a layer of baking soda. This will help dry up the mess and it will help deodorize. The furniture mess will need a professional cleaning to give it a deep cleaning and properly disinfect it. If the mess is improperly cleaned it will start to smell again due to bacteria.

It's also important to get eco-friendly furniture cleaning. This ensures that the sofa cleaning is done with gentle but effective chemicals. It's also great for you, your puppy and the environment. Cleaning without harsh chemicals also helps preserve the furniture so that you will have it for years to come.

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Friday, 15 December 2017

How Fine is Your Fine Dining Experience?

With the holidays coming up many of us are planning get togethers at restaurants. Since its a festive season many of us want to try new places instead of sticking to the familiar ones. Trying a new place is good but there are signs you should check for before making a reservation.

Check Reviews
Restaurant reviews online will help determine several things. Previous customers will give you the general idea about food, service and good or bad experiences.

If you have time go to the location and see things for yourself. This can help you determine if there is enough space for all your guest or if it will be too cramped.

It's also important to consider cleanliness. First check the carpeted area and see if there is noticeable spots and stains. There could even be mould on the carpet if they do not do regular maintenance.  Carpets can also cause unpleasant smells from bacteria. As a last cleanliness check see if there is a lot of dust or even cobwebs. This is a sure indication that the restaurant isn't cleaned properly.

To get your restaurant up to par or to help pass a health inspection Vivid Cleaning can help. We clean all sorts of carpets in Toronto, Markham, Richmondhill, Vaughan and the entire GTA. We clean carpets in commercial, residential and office buildings. Our carpet experts use only professional equipment and eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions. Make your life easier today!

Carpets and Your Puppy

Having a new puppy is great. Your new pet is full of energy and joy. However, since they are young puppies need training so that they learn good habits and it's easier to live together. Young puppies are prone to making all sorts of messes on carpets. Since most of us can't remove the carpets in our home it's important to know how to manage carpet messes.

If your puppy wets the carpet or goes number two, you need to get it professionally cleaned. Before the carpet cleaner comes you can remove some liquid from a urine mess with a paper towel. Dab the edges of the spill and avoid rubbing it into the carpet material.

For all wet messes, you can add baking soda to dry up the mess and deodorize the carpet. For proper cleanup and disinfecting you need a professional carpet cleaning company. This gives the carpet a deep cleaning so you don't have to remember the mess. For additional benefits, you should use eco-friendly carpet cleaning so that you and your puppy can breathe easy.

In the meantime, you can help your puppy toilet train. Often if puppies have a call of nature they immediately go to the carpet. If you set puppy pads in the kitchen or living room or even on the carpet they can learn to go on the pads.

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Why NEW Carpet Could Use Professional Cleaning

After carpet gets installed many people don't know that it should be cleaned. New carpet travels a lot from factories to stores and finally to your home. In the process, it acquires all sorts of dirt and debris. There are a number of reasons new carpet should be professionally cleaned.

There are several allergens that could have been trapped within the carpet pile. Dust is common as well as spores from pollen and mould. If your carpet isn't cleaned properly you will be breathing this in.

New condos have recently installed carpets. It takes too much effort for the hundreds of carpets to be cleaned in a condo building so this step is often skipped. At most the carpets have been vacuumed but they still need professional carpet cleaning.

Dirt is the number one reason to get new carpets cleaned. Aside from dirt due to travelling carpets need to be stepped on the carpet during installation. This adds layers of dirt to the carpet pile.

Processing Chemicals
Often there are additional chemicals used to preserve the carpet material. Some of these are harmful but can be easily removed with professional carpet cleaning. Cleaning also helps remove the smell of new carpets.

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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Shag Carpet Cleaning Essential For A Healthy Home

Shag carpet is great to have. With its uniquely soft texture, your kids will love to play on it. Shag carpets need extra care for proper cleaning. Their thick pile can easily trap dirt, dust and other debris. Mould can also grow where food has been dropped. Here are simple shag carpet maintenance methods.

Deep Vacuuming
Weekly vacuuming is essential for removing dirt from a shag carpet. The key to getting out dirt is to move slowly over section by section to thoroughly remove dirt. A brush roll setting should be avoided since it will tangle the carpet pile and can rip it out.

It's difficult to manage liquid spills on shag carpet. The thick pile allows for liquid to be absorbed deep within the carpet material. This makes it impossible to clean it yourself. Call a professional carpet cleaner to give the stains a proper deep cleaning. The process removes water and allows the carpet to dry quickly.

Annual Cleaning
The only way to properly clean carpets is to schedule an annual cleaning. With professional carpet cleaning equipment, your carpet is cleaned with pressurized hot water and cleaning solution. This lifts and loosens dirt stuck to the carpet pile. In the next step, water is removed with powerful vacuums to speed up the drying process.

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