Thursday, 16 February 2017

Basement Carpet Selection

Installing a carpet in your basement has many great benefits. It can add warmth and comfort to the area especially if there is hard flooring. There are important things to consider before installing your carpet. These guide lines will help care and maintain your carpet so you can enjoy it over time.

The first thing to consider is what type of material you want for your carpet. Synthetic material such as acrylic is a great choice. The material doesn’t readily absorb moisture and is resistant to stains caused by liquid spills. Acrylic material dries fast and is resistant to moulds and bacteria.

area has good ventilation so mould and bacteria can’t grow. Portable machines are available to control humidity and air quality.

Your carpet needs correct under-padding. Choosing carpet under pads is determined how frequently the room will be used and if you have pets of children. It is recommended that you get waterproof shock absorbent under-padding. The under-pad will greatly reduce friction between the floor and your carpet. It will also absorb mechanical pressure from foot traffic.

New basement carpet requires steam cleaning after installation. The carpet material has come in contact with all sorts of contaminants and particles. Otherwise carpets require proper steam cleaning once a year to thoroughly remove dust and dirt that has accumulated.

There are many Toronto carpet cleaning businesses that specialize in basement carpets. Professional steam cleaning companies will thoroughly clean your carpet and ensure that it dries effectively.    

Carpet cleaning options for your stairway

It is important to clean your stairway carpets for several important reasons. The stairway receives a lot of foot traffic and thus will accumulate more dirt overtime than any other location. It is also one of the first things guests will see and a dirty unkempt carpet makes a bad impression. There are a few options for cleaning this carpet.

Carpet cleaning depends primarily on how your carpet was installed in the stairway. If the carpet is removable it may be more cost effective to send it out to a carpet cleaning plant. This option won’t limit the stairway passage when the carpet needs to dry.

If the carpet is permanently secured into place with staples or stair rods then steam cleaning is your best options. Carpet steam cleaning uses pressurized hot water extraction to clean your carpet. The process lifts and removes dirt that is trapped at the base of the carpet.

The steam cleaning process essentially uses two hoses on it machinery. The first hose sprays pressurized hot water and cleaning solution onto your carpet. A second hose vacuums up dirty water and ensures that limited moisture is left in the carpet.

Carpet pile is then set in its original direction to allow the carpet to dry efficiently. Carpet dry within a few hours and are ready for use. There are several Toronto steam cleaning services for carpets. Steam cleaning is a fast and efficient carpet cleaning service. Carefully select a reputable steam cleaning service for your carpet cleaning needs.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Eco-cleaning for your rugs

There are many benefits to use eco-cleaning for your rugs. This service is readily available from professional carpet cleaning companies. Eco-cleaning can be done with both steam cleaning and sending your rugs out to cleaning plants.

The main reason to eco-clean your rugs is that it is environment friendly. It doesn’t leave pollutants that will be absorbed into the co system and cause harmful effects. The natural cleaning solutions use unaltered natural ingredients versus harsh chemical detergents. With that eco friendly cleaning solutions can’t be store for long periods because they have a shorter shelf life.

There are health benefits to eco-cleaning. After cleaning your rugs there are no harsh chemicals left in our environment. This will prevent allergens and asthma triggers. It is also beneficial to school environments and day cares. This way you can enjoy your rug without worrying about harmful chemicals from cleaning solutions.

The other evident benefit from using eco cleaning is that it will preserve the integrity of your rug. Your rug will be cleaned efficiently and there will be less wearing on rug fibers. In addition, rug cleaning plants use soft water for cleaning. This water has had all the harmful chemicals that are included in tap water removed to better clean your rug.

Eco-cleaning your rug will also prevent possible discolouration of rug fibers. This includes burning, bleeding and fading of the carpet dyes. In addition, because of the natural ingredients, eco-friendly cleaning leaves your rug smelling nice and fresh.

Cottage Life and your rug

Adding rugs to your cottage environment can bring in warm vibes. Great places to put rugs include: fireplace, entrances, bedrooms, hallways and bathrooms. Not only does it feel nice on the feet but it can also add style and dampen noise.

The downside is that cottages tend to be used mainly in the summer. Since the space isn’t used as often dirt can accumulate because there isn’t a weekly cleaning schedule. Many people forget to even clean their rugs annually. As a result rugs get dirty and can catch mould and pests. Your rugs need careful consideration.

The first step is choosing the right rugs. Small rugs are generally best because they can be transported for cleaning and can be cleaned more easily. Synthetic fabric is also a good choice as it is won’t trap much dirt and can also be cleaned easily. Braided rugs are popular choices because they add a home style and comfort to the cottage.

for cleaning and storing your rugs. In any event your rugs should be cleaned by steam carpet cleaning or sending them to a cleaning plant. Once that is done it is suggested that you store your rugs in a cool dry place.

For best results rug covers can be used to prevent dust mite accumulation and prevent pests from destroying your rugs. Cleaning should be done seasonally preferably at the end of summer. Happy cottage going.

Fighting winter static with your carpets

Winter brings cold and often dry weather. This makes it ideal for static electricity to be generated in your rugs and carpets. Static electricity can happen to almost every carpet. Although harmless, static electricity is a big annoyance that can be manageable with a few simple steps.

A humidifier can almost always fix your static problem. This generates ions in the air and can neutralize the electrons in your carpet. You can buy a humidifier or simply hang wet towels at the back of a door to neutralize the ions. Too much humidity can cause water to enter rug material so it needs to be monitored.

Static solutions can also be caused by indoor heating and dryers. Indoor heating blows dry warm air into your home or office. In a rug or carpet is placed under a heating vent it will dry out the pile material and can make it become brittle.  Rugs or carpets near dryers can also have the same impact. It is a good idea to limit exposure to these sources that will dry out your rugs and carpets.

Having your rugs and carpets cleaned can fix your static problem. The cleaning process will revive the pile material and rehydrate the sections that have dried out. The cleaning solution can also provide conditioning to protect the rug material.

Your rugs and carpets should be cleaned once a year by a professional rug cleaner in Toronto. For wall to wall carpets that can’t be removed steam cleaning is available to assist you. Steam cleaning will thoroughly clean your carpets and rugs and remove the static charge they might have.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Carpets cleaning with pets

Loving your pet means looking after everything about them including their messes. Fur, dirty paws and bathroom messes are just a few of the messes your pet can create on your rug. Small messes can be cleaned up by you but the bigger ones you will need professional carpet cleaning services to help you.

Carpets and rugs should be vacuumed on a weekly basis. Vacuums should use a brush roll setting to remove most pet fur from your rug. The vacuum will also remove dirt and pet dander from your rug. This keeps too much dirt from accumulating over time.

Dirty paw stains are easier to clean on your rug. However, overtime your rug will have discolouration and shading in places where your pet walks the most. Pets can also potentially urinate or vomit on your rug. This is when it’s a good idea to have your rug sent out for annual cleaning.

There are professional rug cleaning services in Toronto. Seek out a reputable cleaner who can deal fast and effectively with pet stains. Notify the company about particular stains and any concerns you may have about your rug before sending it out.

If you have just had your rug cleaned or if you have a carpet you can’t remove from your house carpet cleaning is an excellent option. There are professional steam cleaning services in Toronto to assist you with your rug or carpet cleaning. Steam cleaning will provide a deep cleaning for your carpet. They do this by removing dirt and pet stains from the base of your rug. The stains on your carpet will be in the past.

The art of making braided rugs

So you’re looking to making a braided rug. It could be your first or something in the double digits. With each rug there are a few design aspects to consider before making your braided rug. This will allow enjoyment if you properly consider a few basic steps.

First off you have to consider the function of the room the rug will occupy. The area determines how big your rug will be. It’s a good idea to measure the area before beginning. This way you will have a certain size in mind and can measure as your progress.

The next thing to consider is colours. This is again determined by the function of the room. If the rug is placed in a kitchen or entry way it’s suggested that you use darker tones. This way dirt won’t be as obvious and ghastly stains from food or mud aren’t readily visible.  Pastels and other light colours are suggested for areas with lower foot traffic.

The style or design aspect is up to you. Some people want the colours to be neutral and blend in with the space. Other people want contrast or to create a livelier mood in a dim room. There are many ways to consider it but it is up to the rug maker to make the final choice.

Another thing to consider is rug maintenance. Braided rugs should be cleaned annually. With that there are many eco-friendly and professional rug cleaning services available. Steam cleaning is suggested  to give your rug a deep clean.