Thursday, 11 January 2018

Where Does The Iconic Black and White Stock Photo Rug Come From?

If you use stock photos you may have noticed the frequency of a black and white squared patterned rug. You can get this iconic rug is officially called Lappljung Ruta and it's available at Ikea for close to $150 CAN. There is an interesting number of features for this rug.

The black and white geometric pattern gives this rug a modern look. It can help unify a room with furniture that has solid colors. The geometric pattern can also help you place furniture and dining room chairs at equal distances.

Easy To Maintain
The rug is flat woven and has a short pile. This makes it easy ideal if you have pets since fur is less likely to get tangled in the pile. The backing features a non-slip gripping layer to keep the rug in place. Its recommended that you rotate them and vacuum the rug regularly.

Simple Cleaning
Professional cleaning is required to give the rug a proper deep cleaning. Annual rug cleaning not only cleans but it also helps renew rug pile. It keeps the material from becoming brittle and breaking off. Deep cleaning get rid of dirt, bacteria, mold and other debris.

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How To Get Permanent Marker Out Of Your Carpet

Permanent marker can be hard to remove from a carpet if you don't know how. You also need to be careful since many store bought carpet stain removal solutions can damage your carpets. You just need a few cleaning materials and some patients.

Permanent marker is a non-polar solution and would require another non-polar liquid to remove it from your carpet. There are a few solutions recommended for stain removal. Hair spray or rubbing alcohol can be used for stain removal treatment.

You will need oil free hair spray and a white cloth. Spray the cloth with hair spray. Dab the permanent marker stain on the carpet. The stain should slowly transfer to the cloth and out from the carpet material.

Rubbing alcohol is only recommended for synthetic carpet. It can cause unwanted damages to carpets made from other materials. The stain removal method is similar. Apply the alcohol to a clean cloth and dab at the stain to remove it.

If you're not confident for your own stain removal method you should contact a professional carpet cleaner. They can get the stain and can provide deep carpet cleaning which your carpet needs on an annual basis.

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5 Ways To Keeping Warm This Winter

Were in the midst of cold weather especially in Canada. Not only is it important to keep warm for your health it's also good for keeping your energy levels high. Here are five ways to help keep you warm and toasty during the cold winter days.

We all know how comfy and fashionable sweaters. Try to get sweaters made from natural material so that your skin is able to breathe. You won't sweat as much and will stay warm and dry.

 Hot Drinks
If you're feeling cold or feeling the onset of a cold you should have a hot drink. This helps your immunes system and get rids of a cold before symptoms start.

Insulating Carpet
Many of us don't realize that we can lower our body temperature by stepping on cold floors. Having carpets will insulate against cold floors and help you save on a heating bill.

Hot Packets
These are small packets with heat producing agents that last a few hours. These are ideal if you are doing outdoor activities in the cold and if you have to wait for a bus.

Thermal Tights
Many of us can't wear snow pants and thermal tights are a good for keeping our legs warm. Thermal tights aren't all thick and most fit well under our regular pants.

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How to Get Lip Stick Out of Your Carpet

If you get lipstick on your carpet it can be hard to remove. Often the stain can get worse when you try to use conventional methods to try and clean it. More importantly if you don't deal with the lipstick or lip gloss stain it has the potential to spread to other areas of the carpet. Here are simple ways to remove lipstick and save your carpet.

Oil Based Stain Remover
There are many oil based lipstick removers. One of which is goo gone. To remove the lipstick stain apply the solution directly to the stain. Using a clean cloth dab at the stain. This will slowly transfer it from the carpet pile to the cloth. Next use soapy water and a damp cloth to go over the affected carpet. Don't over soak the carpet. Allow for the carpet to dry.

Dry Cleaning Powder
Some carpet dry cleaning solutions may help remove lipstick stains. Essentially the dry cleaning powder is spread around the stained area. Next a brush is used to rub in the powder into the pile. The powder is allowed to set for 30 minutes. The dry cleaning carpet powder is allowed to absorb dirt and stains. After the required time, the dry cleaning powder removed with vacuuming.

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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Desk Chair Support and Your Spine

Most office work requires us to remain seated for long periods of time. This can cause all sorts of spinal and muscle injury if we aren't seated correctly or taking enough breaks. To keep your body healthy there are key things you can do.

Desk Chair Support
The easiest item to get is a desk chair that supports your posture. These desk chairs give you back support where it is needed. Just keep in mind you should sit correctly as well. Don't cross your legs or lean to one side of your chair. Sit with your back pressing against the back of the chair.

Breaks are very important. Being seated for too long can cause muscle strain and pain. This is primarily in your legs and lower back. Every hour you should get up and walk around for 10-15 minutes. It can simply be to the kitchen.

Desk Stretching
Most of us find intense exercise too much and we can't usually find the time for it. You can try out a few simple stretches to relieve muscle ache from sitting for long periods. These stretches can be done at your desk and take a few minutes. You can start a routine of going for a walk and coming back to your desk to stretch.

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5 Ways To Get Back Into Your Work Routine At The Office

When returning to work in the new year you may find it hard to get back into a working environment. Many people spend time with friends and family or go on vacation. Many also don't check their work email during the winter break.  Consequently, the return to the office in January can be overwhelming. Here are 5 ways to get back into a work routine at the office.

1. Actively Plan Your Return
Try to return from a vacation a Saturday versus on a Monday. This gives you time to wind down and get your things together.

2. Don't Go Overboard
Too much work at once can make you stressed and burnt out. Make a plan to accomplish a few things during the week. Spread out the workload for complicated tasks.

3. Earn a Break
The morning of your return to the office can be hectic. Make a point of stopping for lunch and socializing with employees. This will give you something to motivate you after working all morning.

4. Start With The Easy Tasks
If you start with easy tasks it makes you feel like you've accomplished more. It also lets you ease into harder tasks more easily.

5. Make A List
You should take a moment and write down all your work tasks at the office. A more effective method is to put these into categories for complexity and which ones have a coming deadline.

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Kitchen Cleaning Essentials Before Food Preparation

When it comes to cooking and food preparation it's important to have a clean kitchen. If you prepare food on contaminated surface it can lead to problems. Food poisoning is one of them. Food can also go bad quickly if there was contamination during preparation. Here are essential ways to clean your kitchen before food preparation takes place.

Counters & Table Tops
These areas can be quickly disinfected with soapy dishwater and a clean cloth. Rinse the cloth after wiping a surface several times. This helps get rid of bacteria lingering on the counters and table tops.

Stove Top
Your stove can be dirty and have food remains on it. For a ceramic stove quickly disinfect the surface with soapy water. If there is burnt food stuck on the ceramic material use a blade to remove it. This process prevents unwanted burnt smells from stuck on food.

Sweep The Floor
Giving the floor a quick sweep is a good idea. This prevents accidents from slip and falls. It also provides more comfort on the feet especially if you walk around your home with bare feet.

The Sink
Scrubbing the sink a little will disinfect it from bacteria and possible mould. You may have to wash dishes and utensils during food preparation and cooking and it's important that it's done in a clean sink.

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