Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Ragweed Allergy Management

With the fall season upon us, it means a new allergy season involving ragweed. This plant's pollen peaks around mid-September and can be around until the end of October. This produces the usual allergy symptoms such as sneezing, congestion,  itchy throat and more. Here are ways to manage your allergy symptoms.

When you come home after being outside or traveling from work take a shower. This will remove the pollen spores from your person and prevent you from transferring them to other places in your home. Place your clothes in the laundry before showering if possible.

If you can place your clothes in the laundry before showering. Also, make sure to keep your clothes in a secluded place such as the laundry room. If you don't have room to keep them place them in a closed bag so the spores don't travel and irritate you. Never wear your outdoor clothes and sit on your bed and furniture either.

Some people may choose to wear a face mask to reduce hay fever symptoms. There are also allergy treatments available. These can come in the form of shots or be administered in a pill format. It helps desensitize the immune system and will greatly reduce allergy symptoms.

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Monday, 16 October 2017

Cleaning Your Desk At Work

In an office setting, we spend most of our time doing work at our desks. As a result, space will inevitably become dirty. During peak time everything piles up at our desk. Dust and dirt can come from a variety of sources and make our desk area look horrible. There are simple and effective ways to clean your desk area.

Computer Monitor
Our computer monitors are the most looked at items on our desk. These are often the dirtiest items as well. Over time they accumulate a thin layer of dust. They can also get particles of food stuck to them. To clean them simply use disinfectant wipes. To avoid water droplets white the surface with a paper towel afterward.

Keyboards and Mice
We touch our these items every day and often our hands aren't clean. Unplug or turn off the mouse and keyboard and wipe them with disinfectant wipes. This should be enough to clean them effectively.

Often we will have piles of papers on our desk. Having an in and out tray as well as a recycling bin under your desk can free up much-needed desk space.

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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Shower and Bath Tub Cleaning Essentials

Your bathroom is an important part of your home. It's essential that it is cleaned properly to optimize your own cleanliness and prevent irritations from allergies and mold. Here are simple ways to clean this area effectively.

The tub needs to be periodically scrubbed to remove soap scum, oils, hair and other body dander. This builds up over time and can attract pests. If you take a bath you will be swimming in it as well. Scrub the tub gently in order not to damage the finish

Tile & Grout
This place is notorious for mold growth. The process occurs slowly and is derived from the spores coming off our body and damp conditions. This needs to be cleaned about every six months using special cleaning solutions and equipment.

Shower Head
Over time the shower head gets lime scale and calcifications. It needs periodic descaling. The process is simple and you can use natural ingredients such as lemon juice or vinegar.

Edges of The Tub
For tub cleaning, it's important that the ledge around the tub gets cleaned. This area is exposed to the same dirt and shouldn't be neglected. Mould can grow in the wet conditions. You should also invest in a soap holder and holders for your shampoos and other toiletries.

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Monday, 9 October 2017

The Types of Rug Mats

Different rug mats exist for people to wipe their feet from dirt and water. This mat helps keep homes and building clean. It also helps prevent accidents from slip and falls. They can also prevent injury from long periods of standing. Here are common mats found in the home.

Door Mat
A door mat is essentially found outside the door of a home, at the garage door or the tool shed. These are made of coarse material such as coir, palmyra, nylon, rubber, cloth, or aluminum. These are made to withstand outdoor weather and allows visitors to wipe their shoes before entering a home.

Kitchen Mats
These are usually placed near the sink or stove. They function to prevent fatigue and injury from standing for long periods of time. These mats are generally rubber bit they can be made from cloth or other materials.

Entrance Mats
These are generally placed indoors and like other door mats they are used for people to wipe their feet. These mats are generally long and are made to accommodate large volumes of people. These mats are usually rubber backed to protect the floor.

Bathroom Mat
These are rectangular in size and are soft and absorbent. They also have anti slip qualities and function so they absorb water when you get out of the shower.

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Thursday, 21 September 2017

The Best Carpet For The Library

Libraries are great places to study and relax. Most libraries have carpets installed for a number of important reasons. Not only to carpets dampen noise but they help keep the location clean and provide insulation. There are certain carpets that are suited to the library environment.

Library carpets need to accommodate a large volume of people. This means heavy foot traffic for the location. For this reason the carpet needs shock absorbing under pad to prevent excessive wearing from mechanical damage.

Many library entrance areas have entrance rugs on top of the carpet. This helps capture water, snow, dust and other dirt from shoes. In the process it keeps the library clean by trapping most of the dirt and preventing it from spreading.

Synthetic material for carpets is recommended because it is wear resistant. It is also easy to clean and comes in a variety of different thicknesses. Thicker carpet can be used to dampen noise and generate a quiet atmosphere.

The library carpets should be steam cleaned once a year to maintain them. Carpet cleaning washes the carpet and extracts the dirty water from the carpet material. It prevents allergy symptoms from dust mites, mould and other allergy particles.

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Carpet Protection For Your Study

We spend lots of time in study rooms for work, school and other activities. If you have carpet in your study you need to protect from different sources of wearing. Wearing primarily comes from furniture and improper carpet cleaning. Here are a few sources of damage and ways to protect your carpet against it.

Your chair will be frequently rubbing against the carpet. You will pull it out and in to your desk area. While you are seated you will adjust your seat or shift a bit. This also cause friction on the carpet. For this reason, you will see most carpet wearing in this area. Place a protective plastic sheet under your chair and desk area will protect your carpet from chair friction damage.

Furniture, in general, is a source of carpet damage. Desks, shelves and other furniture may be just sitting there but they are slowly damaging the carpet underneath them. The weight of these items press into the carpet and can wear out carpet pile. Shock absorbent under pad can offset most of the damage. You may also want to consider rearranging furniture every couple months to allow the carpet fiber to breathe.

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Furniture and Carpet Damage

Furniture can cause unwanted damages to carpets. It can cause damages from a number of different sources but thankfully most carpet damage can be prevented. Asides from regular weekly vacuuming there are a few simple ways to protect your carpet from furniture.

Primarily furniture cause damages from its weight and from it shifting during use. Having the correct the underpad will absorb mechanical pressure from gravity and friction. The underpad helps keep the carpet and furniture in place.

The carpet pile needs to breathe and take a break from furniture pressing into it. By rotating the arrangement of the furniture you allow sections of the carpet to breathe. This prevents these sections of carpet from permanently flattening and breaking.

Annual carpet steam cleaning also prevents carpet damages. This cleaning process renews the carpet material and conditions it. This makes the material resilient to mechanical damages and stops it from becoming brittle.

Place padding underneath furniture legs can also prevent the furniture from cause friction damage to the carpet. Padding can be bought at most department stores and is easily applied to furniture. The attachments are plastic or made from fabric material.

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