Monday, 20 November 2017

Gum Removal For Furniture

With regular use, our sofa can acquire all types of stains including gum. Due to its sticky consistency gum can be tricky to remove from the sofa. Even if you don't chew gum you could accidentally sit in it elsewhere and then sit on your sofa. Furthermore, gum will show dark patches of dirt on the sofa over time and it will become more and more visible. There are ways to get it out.

The best way to get out the gum is to freeze it. There are specific gum freezing cans where you spray it on the spot. After a minute or so the gum will disintegrate and become powder. You can them vacuum off and that's the end of it.

Steam cleaning equipment can also get the gum out of the sofa. These machines have a hose that sprays pressurized hot water. The water will get sprayed at an angle to loosen and remove the gum from sofa. This has to be done carefully on bits of the gum can spread.

After gum removal, you should get your sofa professionally cleaned. Often after the gum is gone this section on the sofa fabric is much lighter than the rest. It can look odd and uneven. Sofa cleaning can easily fix it.

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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Library Furniture Cleaning

Libraries are great resources for studying, leisure, taking out materials and more. These essential locations receive a lot of traffic and it can affect the furniture. Cleaning the furniture properly will help maintain it and prevent it from wearing and getting damaged.

Desk chairs will pick up dirt quickly. Staff members use these every day and other people frequently use computers while they are at the library. Students also sit in desk chairs while studying and doing projects. Dirt on furniture shows up the most here.

The next furniture pieces that dirt shows upon on easily are couches and armchairs. These get a lot of use while people sit and read. The arms and back of the chair will show dirt first. The discoloring looks unsightly and diminished the quality of the furniture as well as the location.

Due to the furniture cleaning needs that occur most libraries choose leather furniture. However, these don't do well in high traffic conditions and tend to wear out and the leather cracks fast. Fabric furniture can easily be cleaned and maintain. The furniture only needs professional cleaning once a year. Flexible service hours prevent interruptions with regular library hours as well.

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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Armchair Cleaning and Maintenance

Armchairs tend to get a lot of daily use. We use them to relax and gain comfort in our dwellings. With regular use, armchairs acquire dirt and other stains. Other accidents can happen with food even if we are careful. There are easy ways to maintain and clean armchairs.

You should vacuum your armchair at least once a week. This removes crumbs from food and dirt. This makes pests less attracted to this area such as dust mites and mold. It also keeps dirt from penetrating deep within the material. A large accumulation of dirt can make your furniture heavier over time.

If your couch cushions are removable you should periodically shake them outside. This lifts out dirt from the material. If it's possible you should allow the cushions to air out outside. Sunlight also kills off some bacteria that has gotten into your armchair.

For proper armchair cleaning, you need a professional upholstery cleaning service. Professional equipment gives furniture a deep clean as well as disinfecting the material. First pressurized hot water and cleaning solution are sprayed onto the material. This lifts out dirt from the fabric. Next, a powerful vacuum removes all the dirt and water allowing your furniture to dry fast.

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Friday, 17 November 2017

How To Maintain Pastel furniture

Pastel furniture is a great addition to your home. This furniture offers a soft tone and can brighten up a room. However, due to its light-colored material, it can be difficult to maintain and keep clean. There are different approaches to cleaning pastel colored furniture and methods you can use to protect it.

In some cases, Scotchguard will prevent permanent dark stains. It may also allow the furniture material to be much more easily. However, it may take time to apply and needs to be evenly sprayed on the materials.

You definitely shouldn't let your kids play on the furniture. Even if you keep the floors clean dirt on your feet will slowly add shading to the furniture. Frequently touched areas are more prone to dirt accumulation than other areas. Sometimes you may not even notice as the small layers gradually add up.

Depending on the color and material your furniture may benefit from dry cleaning. This process involves pre-spraying the furniture and brushing in a dry cleaning agent. This will attract the dirt from the furniture material. The dry cleaning agent will have to be vacuumed out of the material afterward.

The best way to maintain your furniture is to have it professionally cleaned once a year. Vivid Cleaning provides professional furniture cleaning services in Toronto, Vaughan, and the entire GTA. We clean furniture of all materials with powerful equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. This deep cleans the furniture. Make your life easier today!

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Minimalist Furniture Design

It's become more and more common for people to adopt minimalist furniture for their dwelling. This movement is inspired by the innovative minimalist interior design. This style focuses on base features of a room and doesn't have excess features or additional decor. There are different furniture types to choose from.

When choosing furniture for a minimalist interior design most people choose based on color. There is a simple color scheme involved usually incorporating black and white. However, you can add pops of other colors. The main point is keeping things simple.

Some minimalist designs involve multipurpose furniture. This can be a couch that can switch into a bed. Newer furniture design even has a sofa that can be switched into bunk beds. Dual function furniture is especially handy with small apartment spaces.

The other feature of the minimalist design is having a room that has crisp lines in its designs. The lines form the decorating feature and keep the design simple. Psychologically the crisp lines represent steadiness and reliability. It gives the room a serene and balanced quality that can be good for your well being. A similar concept is found in zen gardens.

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Dual function furniture

With apartment spaces getting smaller and smaller it's convenient to have multi-function furniture. There are different types of dual function furniture and different manufacturing companies. You could even make your own furniture if you're adventurous enough. He's a brief overview of multipurpose furniture items.

The most common dual function furniture is a bed that changes into a couch. Usually, the cushioning part is a futon. Depending on your preferences you can sleep on the couch setting or with the futon lying flat.

A bike shelf is another popular item of furniture. If you have to store your indoors it may take up a lot of space. You can create a sturdy wood shelf that functions to hold bikes and generally hold items. It frees up space and can look artistic as well.

Many of us grew up with interesting couch furniture where you could pull and set up a bed. The set up isn't as ideal now since couch gets a lot of dust and dirt falling into their material. That's the reason its reserved for guests.

A new spin on the couch pull out bed is a sofa that can be transformed into a bunk bed. This setup saves space and is convenient when you have multiple guests.

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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

How to Stop Your Cat From Scratching The Furniture

Sometimes good cats do bad things to furniture. There can be several reasons why they do this. Mainly it's instinctual as your cat is marking its territory in your home environment. They also could just enjoy scratching and sharpening their nails. There are different ways to keep your cat from ruining your furniture.

Scratching Post
Often it helps to get your cat a proper scratching post. Many of these scratching posts contain items in the middle such as catnip. This encourages cats to scratch this item versus your furniture.

Furniture with a new smell to it or dirty furniture can be irritating your cat. Their sense of smell is more sensitive and they may come to dislike your furniture because of its scent. Getting your furniture professionally clean will benefit both you and your pet. Cats also like to scratch items that are scented with their own scent. Cleaning will remove their scent from the furniture.

Aluminum Foil or Double-Sided Tape
Placing aluminum foil or tape on a scratched surface may prevent your cat from scratching it. It provides a texture that isn't fun to scratch and they may want to choose the scratching post. You may also want to trim their claws as well.

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