Wednesday, 30 September 2015

How long to wait before your carpets are fully dry. | Carpet cleaning drying time.

Many customers want to have their carpets cleaning, but are hesitant to do so because of the dry time of the carpets or simply a bad experience. If the carpet stays wet for more than 48 hours it starts giving off a bad smell and it is very unpleasant to the home owner. The carpet cleaning companies have to make sure to leave the carpets somewhat dry before they leave the job. They have to set up air movers so that the air gets blown through the room in order to dry the carpet faster. Even before they set up air movers, they have to make sure that they are leaving the carpet dry enough so that it can continue drying over the next hours and can be fully dry in about 2-8 hours. When the carpet is dried properly, it smells amazing, looks amazing and you will not have any problems with it. We at Vivid cleaning know how to do the job right. We will make sure to not leave the job until your carpets are dry enough and we will set up air movers if necessary. We do not like when our customers are unhappy so we make sure that everything is done properly before we leave any of our jobs. 

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

What carpet is best if you have allergies.

Carpets have been the most popular floor covering for many years. People have been using carpets to cover up old flooring, tiles, or just like the feel of a carpet in the home. Carpets feel amazing during cold winter days and feel better than cold tiles any day. One of the problems with carpets is that they contain different materials that some people may be allergic too. So now you ask the question of what  carpet is best for your home? Well let's put it this way. Carpets are not the only cause of allergies in a home. Many people may believe so but it is not true. There are other things that affect allergies in homes such as dogs, people, clothes, smells and natural air movement from the outdoors. These allergens get stuck in the carpet fibers which then goes into the air of your home. There are a couple ways to avoid these problems. Firstly make sure to vacuum your carpet a few times a week. This helps protect it from certain allergens and keeps it clean at the same time. Other than that you can also get your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. This will remove all the allergens and give your home a fresh scent. 

Monday, 21 September 2015

How to extend the life of your carpet.

Here are a few tips and tricks to extend the life of your carpet. First off, you should regularly vacuum your carpet about 2-3 times a week. There may be different types of dirt and dust in the carpet that you are not aware of and will eventually be a pain to clean if you wait too long the vacuum cleaner itself is not that expensive and it takes about 20 minutes to vacuum a carpet properly. 

Another tip is to place a walk off mat at all the entrances in your home. This will prevent any tracking from dirty shoes onto a clean carpet. 

Always remember to clean up spills the moment they happen. Waiting to clean up a spill may result in color change of the carpet, and can eventually be soaked up permanently into the carpet. The best way to clean up a spill is to blot it with water and a dry cloth. 

One of the best tips we can give is to have your carpet cleaned professionally regularly. In high traffic areas, you should be cleaning your carpets every 3-4 months, and in all other areas about once a year. This removes all the soil that is attached in the carpet fibers and makes it look and smell as if it was bought very recently.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Choosing the right carpet cleaning company.

There are many companies that act as though they are professional but do not really know what they are doing. Many companies go to stores such as home depot and rent out the machines which they use to clean your carpets. 

When calling around looking for different carpet cleaning companies make sure to find out what type of equipment they are using. When they come into your home you can tell right away if the machine is rented if it is owned by the company. Ask the company a bunch of different questions about your carpet and you will know right away if they know what they are talking about or if they are just feeding you some information so they can book the job. 

Make sure the inspect one area first before you let them clean the whole carpet. At the end of the day this is your personal choice, but you can just follow these simple steps to determine whether or not you would want to hire that specific company.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Dry carpet cleaning vs. Steam cleaning.

There are two different methods of carpet cleaning that many people are aware about and should get done throughout the year. The first method is dry carpet cleaning. Dry foam shampoo is when you take a low moisture shampoo foam which is whipped around by a reel brush and scrubbed into the carpet. A dry vacuum then removes the shampoo residue and makes sure it does not spoil.

Steam cleaning is a whole different process which is more efficient and works better. This is performed using a truck mounted machine that can heat up the water to boiling temperatures. There is a hose that is attached to the truck mounted machine which is used in the home. Solutions is mixed with boiling water and your carpet is steam cleaned. This takes out all the dirt and grime from your carpet and it ends up looking as if it was bought the day before. It takes a couple hours for the carpet to dry so make sure not to walk on it after the job is finished. 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Basic steps to clean your dorm room after moving out.

You have finished all of your assignments and exams and it is time to move out of your dorm room. Although you are extremely happy about finishing up, there are still a couple things left to do in order to make sure that your deposit won't be held when moving out of your dorm room. 

Before starting to clean up your room, pack up your things to make it easier to move around and clean up. Dust all of the surfaces in your room, making sure not to miss out the dresser or the closet. Next, wipe down all the surfaces in your room. Use an all purpose cleaner to wipe down these surfaces with a paper towel or rag. Make sure you really scrub off any dry stains of the surfaces. Next clean the floor in your room if it is not carpeted because that is the first thing people notice in a small room. 

If you have a carpet make sure to clean carpets before you move out. Any bigger stains will be taken care by the residence, but make sure to vacuum it before moving out. This will make the managers of the residence happy and they will make sure that your deposit is back in your hands in about a month's' time after moving out. By following these specific steps, you can have a clean dorm room after moving out with no further problems or extra charges. 

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Top 3 reasons why to hire end of lease cleaners.

Reasons why to hire end of lease cleaners.

1.      This isn't your regular weekly cleaning. These cleaners will clean every surface in your home. Every surface, every area, every spot will be cleaned so that your place looks spotless when it comes to giving you keys back to your landlord.

2.      These types of cleaners are experts in this field. They know how to get out tough stains, and will clean every part of the place not missing anything. They will clean the places that you have missed to clean all year and will make sure that the job is done properly before the leave.

3.      Cleaning takes a lot of energy so therefore, leave it up to the professional cleaners to take care of all these problems.

Basically anything that needs to be scrubbed, mopped, wiped and shined will be taken care of when you hire a professional cleaning company. Dust, dirt, and grime gets embedded into the carpets and certain areas and you will not know how to take it out unless you have the right tools. Just call a professional carpet cleaning company and watch the magic happen.

Monday, 14 September 2015

How to care for your wool carpet.

When owning a carpet, understanding how to properly take care of it and maintain it is the first step in having clean carpets. When there are different spills on it, dirt, dust, stains, grime and everything else that goes wrong with carpets, you always need to understand what it takes to have it clean again. 

When it comes to wool carpets, dirt tends to sit on top of it so periodically vacuuming it, is a good start. This often prevents the dirt from embedding into the actual carpet. 

While vacuuming your carpet will keep it clean, deep cleaning it about once a year will prevent dirt from actually settling into the core of the carpet. 

Although wool carpets are usually stronger than most other carpets, it still needs the care you would give to any other carpet. Making sure that it is clean, professionally steam cleaning it about once a year, and constant small care for it will keep it clean and prolong its lifetime for quite some time. 

Wool carpets are great for rooms that are dirtier than others. Rooms such as the front of your house or the back where you step in with shoes and track dirt. Make sure when cleaning the carpet, avoid scrubbing the area which is dirty, because it will distress the threads and create fuzzy patches throughout the carpet.