Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Ragweed Allergy Management

With the fall season upon us, it means a new allergy season involving ragweed. This plant's pollen peaks around mid-September and can be around until the end of October. This produces the usual allergy symptoms such as sneezing, congestion,  itchy throat and more. Here are ways to manage your allergy symptoms.

When you come home after being outside or traveling from work take a shower. This will remove the pollen spores from your person and prevent you from transferring them to other places in your home. Place your clothes in the laundry before showering if possible.

If you can place your clothes in the laundry before showering. Also, make sure to keep your clothes in a secluded place such as the laundry room. If you don't have room to keep them place them in a closed bag so the spores don't travel and irritate you. Never wear your outdoor clothes and sit on your bed and furniture either.

Some people may choose to wear a face mask to reduce hay fever symptoms. There are also allergy treatments available. These can come in the form of shots or be administered in a pill format. It helps desensitize the immune system and will greatly reduce allergy symptoms.

You can also deep clean your mattress after each allergy season. Vivid Cleaning offers essential mattress cleaning services. Mattress cleaning and a variety of cleaning services are available to locations in Toronto, Vaughan, and the entire GTA. Make your life easier today by booking your next cleaning appointment with us today!

Monday, 16 October 2017

Cleaning Your Desk At Work

In an office setting, we spend most of our time doing work at our desks. As a result, space will inevitably become dirty. During peak time everything piles up at our desk. Dust and dirt can come from a variety of sources and make our desk area look horrible. There are simple and effective ways to clean your desk area.

Computer Monitor
Our computer monitors are the most looked at items on our desk. These are often the dirtiest items as well. Over time they accumulate a thin layer of dust. They can also get particles of food stuck to them. To clean them simply use disinfectant wipes. To avoid water droplets white the surface with a paper towel afterward.

Keyboards and Mice
We touch our these items every day and often our hands aren't clean. Unplug or turn off the mouse and keyboard and wipe them with disinfectant wipes. This should be enough to clean them effectively.

Often we will have piles of papers on our desk. Having an in and out tray as well as a recycling bin under your desk can free up much-needed desk space.

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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Shower and Bath Tub Cleaning Essentials

Your bathroom is an important part of your home. It's essential that it is cleaned properly to optimize your own cleanliness and prevent irritations from allergies and mold. Here are simple ways to clean this area effectively.

The tub needs to be periodically scrubbed to remove soap scum, oils, hair and other body dander. This builds up over time and can attract pests. If you take a bath you will be swimming in it as well. Scrub the tub gently in order not to damage the finish

Tile & Grout
This place is notorious for mold growth. The process occurs slowly and is derived from the spores coming off our body and damp conditions. This needs to be cleaned about every six months using special cleaning solutions and equipment.

Shower Head
Over time the shower head gets lime scale and calcifications. It needs periodic descaling. The process is simple and you can use natural ingredients such as lemon juice or vinegar.

Edges of The Tub
For tub cleaning, it's important that the ledge around the tub gets cleaned. This area is exposed to the same dirt and shouldn't be neglected. Mould can grow in the wet conditions. You should also invest in a soap holder and holders for your shampoos and other toiletries.

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Monday, 9 October 2017

The Types of Rug Mats

Different rug mats exist for people to wipe their feet from dirt and water. This mat helps keep homes and building clean. It also helps prevent accidents from slip and falls. They can also prevent injury from long periods of standing. Here are common mats found in the home.

Door Mat
A door mat is essentially found outside the door of a home, at the garage door or the tool shed. These are made of coarse material such as coir, palmyra, nylon, rubber, cloth, or aluminum. These are made to withstand outdoor weather and allows visitors to wipe their shoes before entering a home.

Kitchen Mats
These are usually placed near the sink or stove. They function to prevent fatigue and injury from standing for long periods of time. These mats are generally rubber bit they can be made from cloth or other materials.

Entrance Mats
These are generally placed indoors and like other door mats they are used for people to wipe their feet. These mats are generally long and are made to accommodate large volumes of people. These mats are usually rubber backed to protect the floor.

Bathroom Mat
These are rectangular in size and are soft and absorbent. They also have anti slip qualities and function so they absorb water when you get out of the shower.

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Thursday, 21 September 2017

The Best Carpet For The Library

Libraries are great places to study and relax. Most libraries have carpets installed for a number of important reasons. Not only to carpets dampen noise but they help keep the location clean and provide insulation. There are certain carpets that are suited to the library environment.

Library carpets need to accommodate a large volume of people. This means heavy foot traffic for the location. For this reason the carpet needs shock absorbing under pad to prevent excessive wearing from mechanical damage.

Many library entrance areas have entrance rugs on top of the carpet. This helps capture water, snow, dust and other dirt from shoes. In the process it keeps the library clean by trapping most of the dirt and preventing it from spreading.

Synthetic material for carpets is recommended because it is wear resistant. It is also easy to clean and comes in a variety of different thicknesses. Thicker carpet can be used to dampen noise and generate a quiet atmosphere.

The library carpets should be steam cleaned once a year to maintain them. Carpet cleaning washes the carpet and extracts the dirty water from the carpet material. It prevents allergy symptoms from dust mites, mould and other allergy particles.

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Carpet Protection For Your Study

We spend lots of time in study rooms for work, school and other activities. If you have carpet in your study you need to protect from different sources of wearing. Wearing primarily comes from furniture and improper carpet cleaning. Here are a few sources of damage and ways to protect your carpet against it.

Your chair will be frequently rubbing against the carpet. You will pull it out and in to your desk area. While you are seated you will adjust your seat or shift a bit. This also cause friction on the carpet. For this reason, you will see most carpet wearing in this area. Place a protective plastic sheet under your chair and desk area will protect your carpet from chair friction damage.

Furniture, in general, is a source of carpet damage. Desks, shelves and other furniture may be just sitting there but they are slowly damaging the carpet underneath them. The weight of these items press into the carpet and can wear out carpet pile. Shock absorbent under pad can offset most of the damage. You may also want to consider rearranging furniture every couple months to allow the carpet fiber to breathe.

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Furniture and Carpet Damage

Furniture can cause unwanted damages to carpets. It can cause damages from a number of different sources but thankfully most carpet damage can be prevented. Asides from regular weekly vacuuming there are a few simple ways to protect your carpet from furniture.

Primarily furniture cause damages from its weight and from it shifting during use. Having the correct the underpad will absorb mechanical pressure from gravity and friction. The underpad helps keep the carpet and furniture in place.

The carpet pile needs to breathe and take a break from furniture pressing into it. By rotating the arrangement of the furniture you allow sections of the carpet to breathe. This prevents these sections of carpet from permanently flattening and breaking.

Annual carpet steam cleaning also prevents carpet damages. This cleaning process renews the carpet material and conditions it. This makes the material resilient to mechanical damages and stops it from becoming brittle.

Place padding underneath furniture legs can also prevent the furniture from cause friction damage to the carpet. Padding can be bought at most department stores and is easily applied to furniture. The attachments are plastic or made from fabric material.

Vivid Cleaning provide professional carpet cleaning services to make your life easier. Our range of cleaning services are available in Toronto, Vaughan and the entire GTA. We use only eco-friendly cleaning products and top grade professional cleaning equipment. We clean commercial, residential and business locations. Make your life easier today with the best cleaning services available.

The Best Locations for Wool Carpet

Wool is a great carpet material but it can't go just anywhere. The material is plush and absorbent. It also has insulating qualities and dampens noise. The material is thick and can attract a lot of dust over time. For this reason the wool carpet should be placed in a carefully selected location.

Most people place wool rugs in the living room. It provides warmth and allows people to spend time doing activities on the carpet. The carpet is also friendly for pets to enjoy warmth and the plush texture of the carpet. People also install these carpets near a fireplace so they can better enjoy it.

Another ideal place is the bedroom. It can insulate against cold floors so you don't need to wear slippers or start your morning on the wrong foot. It also makes the room feel luxurious an bring comfort to the setting.

Hallways are also a great place for wool rugs. The thick material dampens excess noises so that echo is avoided. It can allow a more quiet passage for stairways as well. In a study room wool carpet can allow you to concentrate on tasks better.

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Carpets For Hotels

When it comes to carpets and hotels you may need different carpet for different locations. Each area has different requirements to accommodate guest and staff members. There is also a difference for the amount of foot traffic each area receives.

The lobby is the most important area of a hotel. This areas gives customers the first impression of the location. It is also a waiting area for visitors and for people waiting for valets or taxis. It is also the location that receives the most foot traffic. For this reason synthetic carpet is used since it's easy to clean and comes in many different designs.

The hallways usually have plush wool carpet installed. This dampens noises from guests and staff members passing through. Simple hard floors wood produce inconvenient echoes and would disturb guests during their visit.

The carpets in a hotel room vary. Regular room will contain synthetic carpet. It's easy to clean and the styles available add decor to the room to make it esthetically appealing. Hotels at ski resorts usually have plush wool carpet to provide insulation against the cold and reduce heating costs. Fancy hotels might have silk carpet installed.

Vivid Cleaning makes your life easier with our professional cleaning services. Our range of services is available to Toronto, Vaughan, Richmondhill and the entire GTA. We clean hotel carpets and rugs, mattresses, furniture and more. Our technician use only eco-friendly cleaning products and professional equipment. Make your life easier today by scheduling your cleaning appointment with us!

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

How Clean are Classroom Carpets?

If your child has allergies it may be worth looking into the standards of carpet cleanliness at their school. Carpets can hold a variety of allergens and other dirt. This makes them hazardous. Many school have carpets to dampen noise and for kids to play on. Most schools adhere to good cleaning routines but there are still some areas they might miss. Here are some questions you should ask the school for.

How often are the carpets vacuumed?
Classrooms get a high level of foot traffic which makes them prone to dust. The carpets require vacuuming at least two to three times a week to prevent the air quality from becoming bad.

How new are the carpet?
Old carpets often have brittle and worn out materials. If the school building is old them it's likely that the carpets contain a lot of dust and potential mould. New carpets need to be properly washed with steam cleaning because they can have all sorts of manufacturing debris and acquired dirt from just being handled and installed.

Does the school do annual carpet steam cleaning?
Carpet cleaning is part of carpet maintenance. Carpets need to be steam cleaned once a year to properly clean them. There is ample amounts of dirt and allergens that can't be removed with just vacuuming. Ask if your school does this carpet cleaning.

Vivid Cleaning can assist you with all your carpet cleaning needs. We provide professional cleaning services to Toronto, Vaughan and the GTA. Make your life easier today!

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Carpet steam cleaning and your lease

When it comes to finding a new place to live in the city more and more leasing contracts include carpet steam cleaning before you move in. This service is essential for cleaning the apartment between tenants and make a difference in the quality of the location.

Steam cleaning is essentially a process called pressurized hot water extraction. It uses specialized equipment to spray pressurized boiling hot water and cleaning solution on to the carpet. This step lifts and removes dirt trapped at the base of the carpet. This step essentially washes the carpet pile.

The last steps are even more important. Only professional grade steam cleaning equipment can do water extraction. Powerful vacuums remove the water and dirt from the carpet. The carpet pile is set in its original direction to allow it to dry efficiently.

With store bought steam cleaning equipment, you can't the same professional features. Most of these store bought machines don't have an extraction feature or the same power for water pressure and water temperature. These machines tend to soak carpets and cause unwanted damages.

Oversoaking the carpet is also dangerous. If the carpet can't dry efficiently black mould can grow and bacteria can proliferate in the carpet. Black mould is hazardous to your health and it may force you to replace the carpet.

For Etobicoke carpet cleaning you need the professional service Vivid Cleaning offers. We use only professional cleaning equipment that can't be bought in store. We provide our cleaning services to Toronto, Vaughan and the GTA. Make your life easier today.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

5 Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Essentials

When it comes to green cleaning it's important that you know your ingredients. There are common natural ingredients that help disinfect, deodorize and eliminate dirt.

Tea Tree Oil
This is extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant which is related to myrtle. This ingredient is used to treat mould, prevent bugs and as a moth treatment moths. It's also effective for removing soap scum.

Baking Soda
We're all familiar with this powder for baking. It's commonly labeled as sodium bicarbonate on the ingredients. This cleaning ingredient is used to deodorize and essentially absorb unwanted odours.

This is an active ingredient for disinfecting and cleaning. It's effective for killing bacteria and breaking through the dirt. Thyme has a light scent to it so its smell won't be overwhelming.

Lemon and Citrus  
Lemon and other citrus fruits are common for all cleaning supplies. This primarily used as a cleanser and deodorizer. This has a high pH 2 making it acidic. This helps breakdown dirt and kills bacteria leaving a fresh scent. Lemon juice is frequently combined with baking soda for cleaning.

This solution is considered as a weak acid. It's pH is around 4.5 and is milder than lemon juice. Similarly, it can be combined with baking soda during cleaning to oxidize stains and remove dirt scum.

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Monday, 14 August 2017

Daycare Carpet Cleaning Tips

When it comes to daycares proper cleaning is important especially for the kids. Daycares are notorious for bad colds kids receive. After cold season during the winter month it's a good idea to get things sanitized with professional cleaning.

Bathrooms are a major point of bacteria and virus transferring. If they aren't cleaned properly it's not helping the situation. Kids should have easy access with sinks and paper towel dispensers they can reach. Most schools and daycares have daily bathroom cleaning routines to ensure proper sanitation.

Surfaces such as door handles and drawer handles should be sanitized weekly. You can do this easily with disinfectant wipes or aerosol sprays. Computer mice and keyboards can be disinfect this way as well. In chairs have arms those should also be sanitized.

Daycare carpets should be steam cleaned at least once a year. Carpets receive a lot of foot traffic and dirt overtime. The only way to get it out is with a professional carpet steam cleaning service. Proper carpet cleaning will prevent and reduce allergy symptoms.

Entrance mats and any rugs also need to be professionally cleaned once a year. Entrance mats are prone to dirt accumulation from outside. Rugs and mats can also get stains from food and beverages. If they aren't cleaned it can attract mould and other pests.

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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Professional Gym Cleaning Checks

Other than the carpets, cleaning equipment and showers, there are a few other points of cleanliness that a gym must have. Poorly cleaned or neglected gyms can be hazardous in a number of ways. This is why it's important to that a gym has high standards of cleanliness.

Ask gym staff members about duct cleaning in the gym. Dirt and dust accumulates in these areas and needs to be cleaned or it can affect air quality. This in turn can affect your work out by causing allergies and respiratory problems.

If your gym has a towel cleaning service take a minute to ask how the towels are cleaned. Towels should be cleaned with hot water when they are put in the laundry. This ensures that they are properly sanitized against bacteria, viruses and other matter. Additionally check to see what cleaning solutions they use and if they use bleach.

If there is a furniture or a lobby take a moment to see how clean the area is. Furniture and carpets shouldn't be shady or stained. These items can be cleaned using professional steam cleaning. This cleaning services extracts dirt and sanitizes against bacteria, viruses and mould.

For all your commercial cleaning needs Vivid Cleaning can make your life easier. We offer professional cleaning services from carpets to tile and grout. We use only professional cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions to give you a quality clean. Our cleaning services are available in Toronto, Vaughan and the entire GTA. Make your life easier today!

Why Movie Theaters have Carpets

At first glance it seems impractical to have carpets installed at the movie theater. Sure it dampens noises but the movie theater accumulates a lot of dirt. Food, drink spills and dirt from heavy foot traffic are common sources of stains and dirt that accumulates. Food stands in the main lobby even have carpets for a number of reasons.

Primarily carpets have rugs to prevent slips and falls. Many restaurants incorporate carpet in their dining setting for the same reasons. On solid flooring it's easier to slip on spills and the mess needs to be cleaned right away. Drink spills on carpets as less hazardous and don't need to be cleaned right away.

Cutting cleaning costs starts with carpeted areas. Many commercial settings don't regularly clean carpets in their setting. Once the carpet reaches a critical point they usually choose to take out the old carpet and replace it with new material.

Stains don't readily show on carpets. Dark designs and colours prevent any stains from being prominent and visible. On regular hard floors its harder to disguise stains and they become unsightly almost right away.

Carpets provide insulating qualities and can reduce heating and air conditioning costs. Movie theaters have large rooms that need proper air temperatures. Carpets help keep the building warm or cool depending on the season.

Vivid Cleaning offers premium carpet cleaning in Markham services. Our variety of cleaning services are available to Toronto, Vaughan and the entire GTA. Make your life easier today.

How to Manage Common Carpet Messes

Carpets receive a lot of use on a daily basis. As a result they accumulate a lot of dirt especially in a public area. They are also subjected to wet spills and other accidents. If these messes aren't dwelt with accordingly it can damage the carpet or make it unsightly. There are simple and effective ways to manage carpet messes.

Carpets will frequently be subjected to different food spills. Dry food spills are a bit easier to handle than beverage spills. Dry food spills can be easily vacuumed up. If you don't have a vacuum at hand you can sweep  most of the spill with a broom.

Drinks  or any wet spill from mud or water can be dealt with in the same way. First you should blot up the liquid with paper towels. Be sure not to rub in the liquid. Once you've finished with the paper towels you can dry up the remaining liquid with baking soda. This will also help deodorize the mess if necessary. The carpet mess can be vacuumed up.

You can also prevent damages and carpet messes from extreme weather conditions. Entrance mats are useful for keeping the rest of the area cleaner. They trap most dirt, sand, snow and rain water at the entrance and keep it from travelling to other areas.

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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Professional Cleaning For Gyms

Gyms are a great place to work out, get in shape and make a few friends. When you choose a gym you should keep in mind how clean it is. If they gym isn't up to clean standards you can end up with a lot of different problems. Here are a few areas that need to be cleaned carefully.

Gym carpets are great for dampening sounds and keeping equipment into place. They accumulate dirt over time due to heavy foot traffic and sweat. Dirty carpets have dust that will interfere with your work out. As your gym how often they get the carpets cleaning. They should be professionally cleaned once a year.

Many gyms provide disinfecting wipes for equipment. Some even go the extra mile and provide eco-friendly tea tree oil based cleaning wipes. These wipes help keep the gym clean by disinfecting against bacteria, viruses, and sweat.

The tile and grout in the showers and bathroom needs to be keep in very clean conditions. This area receives a lot of traffic and it's where people go to get cleaned up. Inspect the washrooms and check for mould as well as a cleaning record. Even if the bathroom is clean don't forget to wear your shower shoes. Never walk barefoot in this area.

For all your professional cleaning needs Vivid Cleaning can make your life easier. We offer professional cleaning in commercial and residential locations. We provide a variety of cleaning services from carpets to furniture cleaning in Toronto, Vaughan and the GTA. Make your life easier today.

How Clean is your Child's Daycare?

When we send our kids off to daycare it's important that they're environment is clean. You can do a quick inspection by looking at a few daycare items. Otherwise, it's easy to ask the staff members about cleaning they do. A dirty daycare can spread colds and viruses quickly.
The Bathroom
The bathroom is a good indicator of how much cleaning gets done. Inspect the sinks and around the toilets. Also, check ledges for dust if possible. If there is a lot then it's likely the location doesn't get deep cleaning that often.
At first glance, the carpet should look clean. When there are dark stains and discolored sections it may indicate that the carpets haven't been cleaning in awhile. Also, ask when the carpets were cleaned last. Carpets should be cleaned once a year to remove dirt, food particles and allergens.
When you enter a daycare it should look tidy at first glance. It should be relatively kept with no excessive dirt or sand on the floor. Also, check for spider webs and cobwebs. Spiders locate to areas where their food source is which are bugs. Dirty areas usually attract these creatures.

Vivid Cleaning can take care of all your daycare cleaning needs. Our services are flexible and we can schedule carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and more after hours. Eco-friendly cleaning is available as well. Our services are available in Toronto, Vaughan and the entire GTA. Make your life easier today.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

The different Pieces of Sectional Couches

Many people aren't aware of the names that sectional or L-shaped couches have. This terminology is helpful when deciding couch placement. There are also key differences the size and shape each section has for this couch type.

Chaise or Chaise Longue
This word translates as longue chair and is the shortest piece of the couch. This also is key for determining if the couch is Left hand Facing or Right-Hand Facing. Ie. The couch is left hand facing when the chaise is on the left side.

Sofa or Sofabed
This is the longest piece of the sectional couch. It determines the length of the couch and generally determines how wide the couch stretches across. This piece is important because you need to keep in mind how many people might be on it at one time. Most people sit on this forward facing side to view tv sets.

Accessory Pieces
Many new models of sectional couches are including new functional pieces features. Some of these include a section you can add to the couch to form a larger bed. Some sectional couches include an ottoman as well.

Cleanliness is always in and is important when it comes to sectional cleaning. Vivid Cleaning offers professional sectional cleaning services for household furniture and your home. Our services extend to Toronto and the entire GTA. Our cleaning is done with the best tools and equipment and only done with trained cleaning technicians. Start making your life easier today. 

Friday, 28 July 2017

Pet Mess Carpet Clean up –Poop, Urine, and Vomit

Pets are great but they do come with messy situations. Younger and older pets, in particular, are prone to making messes on your carpets and furniture. In these situations, it’s important to know how to handle the mess right away to prevent unpleasant odors and optimise clean up.

For urine, use paper towels to soak up most of the liquid. Avoid pressing into the carpet or upholstery. Next use baking soda to minimize the smell and dry up the liquid from the carpet. Baking soda can be used on stool samples and vomit as well.

After the mess is completely dry you have the option of vacuuming up the mess if warranted. In all situations, you need steam cleaning to properly clean, sanitize and deodorize the carpet. Store bought carpet cleaners may damage the carpet and often over soak the carpet fiber. Eco-friendly carpet cleaning is essential for pet health as well as your own.

Vivid Cleaning offers professional carpet cleaning. Our powerful carpet cleaning equipment gives your carpet a deep clean to eliminate bacteria and odors. Carpet enzyme treatment is used to treat pet urine, poop, and vomit so it is cleaned up effectively.

In between carpet cleaning you can manage pet smells and odor with deodorizing treatment and dry compound carpet cleaning. These carpet treatments can be done yourself or you can enlist the help of a professional carpet cleaner.

Vivid Cleaning provides premium carpet cleaning Scarborough , Vaughan, and the GTA. Make your carpet colors vivid once again by scheduling a cleaning appointment with us today. 

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Make-up Powder Stain clean up For Carpets

Different types of powder stains can happen to your carpet. These include food, makeup, soil, and detergents. It's important to know how to clean these up right away to minimize transfer and possible damages to the carpet.

If you have carpet where you apply makeup up there's a chance of it getting on the carpet. Loose powder such as from eye shadow or blush can be easily vacuumed up. If the makeup is oil based, use paper towels to dab the edges of the satin. Don't rub it into the carpet. These stains can be efficiently dealt with, with carpet steam cleaning.

For powder detergents, it's important that you get this item out of your carpet. If powder detergent is left here it will burn and bleach the carpet over time. You can vacuum up most of the powder from the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. Then the rest of the residing residue should be dealt with with steam cleaning. Be sure to indicate to the carpet technician that there is detergent involved.

Food spills can also be easily vacuumed up. However, many of these powder such as ketchup powder or otherwise also contain oils that aren't readily picked up with a vacuum. If you leave them the carpet can attract mould and acquire smells. The carpet needs a deep cleaning.

The expert carpet steam cleaners at Vivid Cleaning can assist you will all your carpet needs. Our experienced technicians can handle all types of carpet stains. Our Essential carpet cleaning services are available in Etobicoke, Toronto, Vaughan, and the GTA. Get your carpets looking vivid today. 

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

5 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips for Pets

Effective eco-friendly cleaning is part of maintaining your pet's health as well as your own. There are essential tips and tricks for effective eco-friendly cleaning.

Phasing Out Harsh Cleaning Products
Most of us don't realize that the cleaning products we frequently use are too harsh. First, research eco-friendly products and use them to replace the ones you are currently using. Some products include: baking soda, lavender, thyme, lemon, lime, vinegar, salt and other essential oils.

Eco-Friendly Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning
In order to give our furniture and carpets a deep clean, we need pressurized hot water extraction aka steam cleaning. Most professional steam cleaning services offer eco-friendly carpet cleaning with natural cleaning products.

Natural Deodorizer
Carpets, mattresses and furniture benefit from natural deodorizing methods. You can buy cost-effective and pet safe deodorizer in stores. These are usually baking soda based come in a nice variety of scents. You can also make your own with lavender oil and baking soda.

Natural Disinfectant Wipes
You can get store bought eco-friendly disinfectant wipes with natural ingredients. You can also buy your own basic ingredients. You can get a tea tree oil spray and apply it to paper towels or spray areas that need to be disinfected. Tea tree oil is also used as an anti-fungal remedy.

Lemon Descaling Solutions
Metal and glass dishes can acquire calcium deposits or scaling. Pet dishes are particularly prone to acquire scaling and other slime deposits. Soak the dish interior with lemon juice and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. Rinse off the dish afterward and wipe with paper towels.

Tip: You can substitute lemon juice with vinegar or lime juice.  
Vivid Cleaning offers essential cleaning services for your home, the office or your business. We provide professional cleaning services for Toronto, Vaughan and the GTA. Make your life easier by giving us a call today.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

5 Tips for Carpet Stair Cleaning

Stairs are an essential feature in our homes that we use every day. Main floor stairways get used more frequently than the basement steps. Both areas accumulate lots of dirt due to frequent foot traffic from pets and family members. There are simple tips and tricks for effectively cleaning carpeted steps.

Vacuum with the Right Tools
Carpeted stairs need extra care to remove sand, dirt and other debris. Wand extension pieces allow you to vacuum in small corners and near the edges of carpet runners. Brush rolls are great for removing hair and pet fur that is stuck to the carpet.

Starting at the Bottom
We may not realize it but it's easier to clean steps by starting at the bottom. This way is also safer to prevent falling down the stairs. It's also easier to see dirt and sand that needs to be removed.

Good Stairway Lighting
Many stairways don't have an adequate lighting source. Basement stairs, in particular, tend to have bad lighting which is hazardous. Setting a lamp at the top or bottom of the steps can increase visibility. Proper lighting makes it easier to see dirt and spot carpet stains.

Maintaining a Vacuuming Schedule
Your steps should be vacuumed once a week if they are located on the main levels. This removes most dirt that has accumulated during the week. Less frequently used steps such as the basement stairway should be vacuumed once a month.

Annual Carpet Wash
Your carpeted steps should be cleaned annually with a professional steam cleaner. Vivid Cleaning offers premium carpet cleaning in Markham, Vaughan, and the GTA. Get your carpeted steps cleaned when you get your regular carpets cleaned.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Eco-friendly solutions for Dresses when you have Bed Bugs

When you find out you have bed bugs and you're trying to get rid of them, you have to be thorough. This includes washing all your clothes, bedding and towels. However, many items need dry cleaning and we have large closets and may not be able to dry clean everything. Luckily there is a simple inexpensive way to treat your clothes without damaging them.

First, round up your clothes in an air tight container or in tightly closed garbage bags. The point is to keep any bugs that may be present in one location. You can now store the clothes while you get the next part set up. This involves a freezer.

Bed bugs die when they are exposed to extreme temperatures. Set an empty freezer to 0 F or -15 C. If you set the temperature colder you should do so. Place a few bags in the freezer and leave them for a minimum of 4 days. Set reminders for this so you don't forget to put the next few bags in.

Once the required time is up, remove the bags and allow the items to thaw. Put away the clothes and steam and iron the items that need it. This process can be applied for shoes and some smaller items. It will help you save on dry cleaning and is eco-friendly without the use of harsh chemicals.

Another part of pest control is proper cleaning. Vivid Cleaning offers professional cleaning services to prevent allergies from dust mites and allergens such as pollen. We service areas in Toronto, Vaughan, and the GTA. Make your life easier today by contacting us. 

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Clean your Office Desk In Under 10 Minutes

We use our desks at the office on a daily basis. We also tend to do more than just work at the desk. We frequently drink coffee and tea and consume snacks here. If we have to work through lunch we will end up eating a will working as well. In addition, many employees don’t wash their hands when they arrive at work. As a result out desks acquire loads of dirt and bacteria.

You can clean your desk in under ten minutes and you can’t miss important areas. You will need Disinfectant wipes, cyber clean compound, a paper tray and paper towel. It’s also good to have a trash can and recycling bin handy.

Start by removing all the desk items. Clean the desk surface with disinfectant wipes. Be sure to remove visible dust and crumbs. Sweep the crumbs onto the floor or into a trash bin. Also, clean the desk drawer handles with the disinfectant wipes. Wait for the surface to dry before moving onto the next cleaning steps.

While the desk area is drying you can clean your desk chair. Use the disinfectant wipes to wipe the arms, seat, and backrest. If your chair is leather, use the cyber clean compound to get the crumbs out of the crevices. Most of the time you won’t have access to a vacuum cleaner or dust buster at work. Also, vacuums are noisy and disrupt others. Cyber clean compound helps you clean in this situation.

Place all your spare papers into the paper tray so they can be sorted. Remove, any wrappers or related items that you don’t need, from the desk space. Turn off the mouse and wipe it with wipes. Dust the monitor and clean it with the wipes as well.

Place a paper towel on the desk large enough to fit the keyboard on top of. Turn off the keyboard and place it face down on the paper towel. Tap it to get out the crumbs. For difficult sections use the cyber clean compound to get crumbs out of the keyboard.

Vivid Cleaning offers excellent office carpet cleaning services. We clean office chairs so the fabric looks new. We also clean office carpet and other office furniture items. Schedule a cleaning appointment with us today.

Carpet Deodorizing Made Easy

Overtime your carpet can acquire bad smells and odors especially if you have pets. The smells can be from pet dander, sweat or from bacteria in general. The good news is that carpet Deodorizing is quick and inexpensive. You can enlist a professional carpet cleaner or do the job yourself.

First, you need to get carpet deodorizer and it depends on your preferences. You can use just baking soda powder or pick up a specially formulated deodorizer found nearly everywhere. It’s important to note that baking soda is the main deodorizer found in most stores. These come in a variety of scents.

Start by sprinkling the powder all over the carpet. Rub the powder on the carpet with a carpet brush. Allow the deodorizer to sit for 30 minutes. You can leave it longer if desired. If you are just using baking soda, you can use a bit of lavender oil as a natural scent and mild disinfectant.

Once the time is up, use a vacuum to remove the deodorizing powder. Be careful to go slowly over the carpet several times for each section. Your carpet is immediately ready to use after deodorizing treatment.

This is a carpet maintenance method and shouldn’t substitute for annual carpet cleaning. Vivid Cleaning offers professional carpet cleaning for your home and office. We use only professional cleaning equipment to get excellent results. Our services are available in Mississauga, Toronto, Vaughan, and the GTA. Make your life easier today when you book an appointment.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Leather Office Chair Cleaning

If you do office work where you’re at a desk all day your desk chair can acquire a lot of dirt and crumbs. Leather chairs need careful cleaning so that they are cleaning without damaging them in the process. There are simple cleaning techniques you can use for this task.

First you will need to clean the surface of the chair. Use a vacuum to remove crumbs from the cracks and crevices of the chair. If you don’t have access to a vacuum at work you can remove dust and crumbs with cyber clean compound.

Next you should wash the leather surface with a solution of water and mild detergent. Use a microfiber cloth while washing the desk chair. Allow the chair to dry and then use a leather specific conditioner. This leather conditioner should be applied using a microfiber cloth. Remove excess solution with a clean cloth.

Conditioning the leather is important because it keeps the leather moisturized. It prevents the chair surface from cracking and flaking. It also makes the surface resilient to mechanical pressure and strain. The chair will last longer without causing discomfort or looking worn out.

Vivid Cleaning offer premium office chair cleaning in Toronto and the GTA. We clean upholstered desk chair in offices, homes and business. Our pressurized hot water extraction gets desk chairs looking new with efficient dirt removal. Chairs that are cleaned annually last longer and don’t acquire bad smells and discolouration of the material. Scheduling a cleaning appointment with us today.

5 Ways to Reduce Allergies in Your Bedroom

With the transition from spring to summer there is a peak allergy symptoms from different particles. Allergies can make use miserable and can affect our quality of sleep. Luckily there are simple ways that we can reduce allergies in the bedroom.

Having a good air filter will improve air quality and capture most air borne allergens. Allergy particles don’t have time to settle and won’t be present on bedding while you are trying to sleep. With a good air filter you will be able to breathe easier and your smell will improve.

Vacuum the carpet at least once a week to get rid of dust mites and remove mold and allergy particles. If you don’t have carpet or rugs make sure to sweep the bedroom well and dust the furniture. Dust peak allergy times avoid opening windows to prevent allergens from entering.

Change the bedding weekly. We shed skin cells and hair on a daily basis and also sweat when we sleep. Dust mites are attracted to these particles and changing the bedding will help keep your environment free of them. If you can’t change the bedding try to at least change the pillow cases. This will help you breathe easier while sleeping.

Don’t have dirty clothes or other laundry present in the bedroom. Dirty laundry can contain mould, allergies and dust. These can cause allergy symptoms for you. Place laundry items in a basket and relocate it to another room.

Mattress cleaning is an effective way to reduce allergies. Steam cleaning gives mattresses a deep clean and extracts dirt and other particles from the mattress material. Allergy treatments are available for when you get your mattress cleaning.

Vivid Cleaning offers expert mattress cleaning in Toronto and the GTA. We offer other professional cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning, household cleaning and more. Call us today to schedule your next cleaning job.

3 Ways to Prevent Carpet Pile Flattening

Most of us have witnesses how sections of the carpet can become flattened over time. This happens usually to sections of the carpet where furniture is placed. The furniture doesn’t have to be heavy to cause flattening. It occurs naturally because of gravity. However, there are ways to prevent it and stop it from permanently damaging the carpet pile.

Having a shock absorbing under pad can absorb mechanical pressure cause by the weight of furniture. This type of under pad can also relieve mechanical pressure from foot traffic. This under pad keeps the carpet in place and prevents it from slipping. This ultimately prevents friction from regular use of the furniture.

Periodically rotating the furniture arrangement can prevent pile flattening. This method prevents strain from happening to only one part of the carpet. After the furniture is rearranged fluffen up the flattened pile and allow it to breathe. 

Carpet steam cleaning will revitalize the fiber. This carpet cleaning should be done annually to recondition the carpet pile. This also sets the carpet pile in its original direction and prevents permanent flattening. Carpet cleaning will recondition carpet pile and renew its tensile strength.

If your carpet isn’t cleaned annually the pile will acquire dirt residue. The pile fibers can stick together and flatten down. Professional carpet cleaning will noticeably revitalize the texture and colour of your carpet. Vivid Cleaning has professional cleaning services. We offer excellent carpet cleaning for Toronto and the GTA. 

After party Carpet Clean up – Vomit, Urine and Poop

Parties are fun but sometime they bring messes on carpets and furniture upholstery. It may be a daunting task but there are effective ways to manage and clean up the messes. The clean up can be done effectively with the help of a professional carpet cleaner.

Before help comes you should know how to maintain the mess. Liquid spills can be soaked up using paper towels. Make sure not to rub in the spill into the carpet. All wet messes can be dried up using baking soda. This powder can also help minimize any smells.

Once the mess is dry you have the option of vacuuming up the baking soda. These steps ensure that the mess is managed until help arrives. Vivid Cleaning gets carpet cleaning done right. We use only powerful carpet cleaning equipment to ensure proper dirt extraction and sanitation.

For carpet mess cleaning for vomit, urine and other organic messes we use enzyme treatment to breakdown and remove the substance. This ensures that the carpet is cleaned properly and its vivid colours are renewed. Steam cleaning also renews carpet material so that its lifetime is extended.

Vivid Cleaning offers expert carpetcleaning in Toronto, Vaughan and the GTA. Eco-friendly cleaning is available upon request. We also offer furniture upholstery cleaning and mattress cleaning among our variety of cleaning services. Book your cleaning appointment with us today and see the Vivid Cleaning difference. Make your life easier with Vivid Cleaning.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

The modern look of reversible rug design

Reversible rugs or twofold rugs are an new innovative design. Essentially these rugs are hand-made and made up wool material and have rug pile on two sides. Each has its own unique colours and design. The purpose is to have a rug where you can switch the design to match the colours of the room furniture.

These rugs also offer a switch between design types. One side can feature a geometric rug design while the other can feature an abstract composition. There's no limit to matching rug designs that appeal to potential buyers.

In addition to design these two-fold rugs make great unique gift ideas. They can easily upgrade the look of a room to modernize it or allow for change to reflect seasonal times of the year. This gift is also great for art lovers and people in creative pursuits.

The fabrication of two-fold rugs renews the traditional concept of hand-made rugs. Currently these rugs are only made with handmade woven methods. Each rug is unique in this way and it can be a time consuming process. There's nothing quite like two-fold rugs available on the market.

All your rugs needs annual cleaning. Vivid Cleaning offers professional rug cleaning for Toronto, Vaughan and the GTA. Our rug cleaning services comes with rug pick up and drop off services. We take time to review particular rug stains and the rug material needs. Annual rug cleaning renews the rug material and lets you enjoy your rugs for years to come. Get your rugs cleaned today.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

How to Properly Clean Your Purse

We carry our purses and bags with us on a daily basis. We all store our necessities such as phones, headphones, credit cards and much more. The frequent use with allow your purse or hand bag to accumulate all sorts of dirt. There is a simple way to clean it effectively.

You will need a sanitation wipes for this cleaning. First empty your purse contents on a tray or table. Make sure to go through every pocket carefully. Once its emptied turn your purse upside down over a trash bin. Shake it thoroughly to remove all crumbs and dirt from inside.

Next take the clean wipes and wipe the handles of your purse. You will be surprised at the amount of dirt that gets removed. Also wipe down the zipper handles and the bottom of the bag. You can go over entire exterior surface with the wipes. You may also quickly wipe the interior.

You may choose to condition the exterior leather material with leather cleaner to keep it from cracking. This keeps your purse from wearing out. While your purse is drying you can sort through the contents of your purse. Throw out garbage and expired items. You may want to wipe your phone, headphones and credit cards with the wipes to clean them.

Your purse is one item of cleaning that needs to be done periodically. Home cleaning needs to be done more frequently. Vivid Cleaning offers excellent cleaning services for Toronto, Vaughan and the GTA. We offer cleaning schedules that suit your needs. Make your life easier today by scheduling your next cleaning appointment with us.

Best Cleaning Hacks How to Effectively Clean Your Desktop

We use computers for countless hours every day for a myriad of purposes. Students use them for homework and studying. While older people use them for work and other important ventures. No matter what your age, your desktop should be properly cleaned to improve your performance.

We end up doing other activities other than work when using the desk area. This often includes eating, drinking and other hobbies. Food crumbs can end up all over the desk and in the keyboard. Other food spills are a nuisance because they can damage documents and other important papers. Dust is also a common nuisance we have to deal with on the desktop.

Food can bring unwanted bacteria and smells to the study area. Using clean wipes can help tidy the surface and get rid of greasy residues. Start by moving all your papers into one pile and removing dishes and cups. Wipe the desk area with the wipes and allow the surface to dry.

Also wipe the mouse, drawer handles and monitor to remove dirt and sanitize them. To clean your keyboard. Place paper towel on a surface and place you keyboard face down. Gently tap the back of the keyboard to remove dust and crumbs. You can also use cyber clean compound to lift and remove dust and crumbs in a similar manner. Wipe the keyboard with clean wipes afterwards.

You can get the rest of the study and your home cleaned with Vivid Cleaning services. We have professional cleaning services available for Toronto, Vaughan and the GTA. Make your home or office fresh and vivid today. 

How to Clean Rugs & Carpets Without Vacuum - 3 Quick Vacuum-less Rug Cleaning Methods

If you need to clean your rug and your vacuum breaks or you don't have one there are some alternative rug cleaning methods. This article uses methods with materials you will likely to have handy at home. They are also used for quick fixes and are not intended to replace regular rug cleaning.

The broom method should be done with a broom with straw bristles if possible. Make sure the broom bristles are clean. If they're not, rinse them under running water for about a minute. Wet the broom bristles and sweep over the rug carefully in the direction of the pile. This method is like sweeping the floor. Wetting the bristles helps reduce air born dust while cleaning.

The sticky lint brush method involves a sticky clothing brush. This method is better for removing foreign fibers and strands of hair from the rug. Crumbs and dirt aren't as easily removed from the rug so it's not recommended. However this method reduces air born dust while cleaning.

The squeegee rug cleaning method uses a window cleaning tool. Start at one section of the rug and squeegee in the direction of the pile. This method helps remove surface crumbs and hair. However it's abrasive and can cause pile damage if repeated too often.

These method quick and easy and come in handy when you have last minute cleaning to do and no vacuum. Your rug should still go out for annual cleaning every year. Vivid Cleaning offers premium rug cleaning for Toronto and the GTA. Get your rugs professionally clean today.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Stairway to Heaven –Cleaning Carpeted Steps

Carpeted stairs are common to most households. They give comfort by providing warmth and extra cushioning to your feet. They also damp excess noise and are an easy way to add design to this area of your home. Steps can acquire shading from dirt because they are frequently used.

Carpeted steps need maintenance throughout the year. For weekly maintenance you should vacuum the carpet. Extension wands and brush wands make it easy to vacuum dirt from corners and the edges of the step. Using an electric brush wand while vacuuming optimizes dirt absorption and hair removal.

Your carpet should receive a deep cleaning with carpet steam cleaning at least once a year. This method uses pressurized hot water extraction to remove dirt from deep within the material.  This cleaning method involves vacuuming out the cleaning water to optimize drying.

Carpeted stairs can be cleaning efficiently since liquid spills don’t usually happen in this location. There is only dirt and dust that is can be removed efficiently. This makes the carpet cleaning fast and easy so you can get back to using the stairway.

Vivid Cleaning offers professional carpet stairway cleaning. We clean stairways in all areas of your home including basement steps. We also offer a variety of cleaning services to Toronto and the GTA. Our cleaning is done with the best professional carpet cleaning equipment available on the market. Make your life easier by scheduling an appointment with us today.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

The benefits of cleaning office chairs

We spend lots of time working, studying and using our computers. For our comfort we get a professional desk chair while we do activities. Overtime the desk chair gradually acquires dirt without us really noticing. Chair seat stains can also appear from food and drink.

Clean desk chairs improve work performance and motivation. Dirty office chairs don’t reflect well on clients, visitors and potential employees. Clean office chairs make the best impression on anyone visiting the office or place of business.

Dirt can come from a variety of sources such as food and drink. Other dirt deposits can come from sitting on the transit or our car seats. Dirt on desk chair seats can potentially transfer to clothing and coats as well.

If it’s especially long since the desk chairs have been cleaned, they may develop a smell. Cleaning the desk chairs will noticeably refresh the office air and reduce allergy symptoms.Dirty office chairs can host many pests such as dust mites, bacteria and mould. These pests can cause allergy symptoms for staff members and visitors. It can also affect work ethics.

Any upholstered fabric chairs in your office can get a deep steam cleaning. This includes couches, sofas and armchairs. The cleaning service is also for cubicle walls and office carpet.Vivid  Cleaning offers expert office cleaning services. We clean commercial offices in Toronto and the GTA. Call us today for a free quote and to schedule a cleaning appointment.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

5 Ingredients You can use for Eco-Friendly Cleaning

If you are phasing out chemical cleaning solutions, you should inform yourself about eco-friendly cleaning ingredients. Most are inexpensive and you can find in the grocery store. These essential ingredients will get your house cleaning done fast and safely.

Baking soda is great for deodorizing different areas of your home. It can absorb smells from the refrigerator and stoves. It can also be used to scrub grimes out of bath tubs, sinks and other surfaces. It can also be used to deodorize and clean carpets and mattresses.

Vinegar is primarily used to shine surfaces. It will help remove residue from water stains and prevent streaks. Shiny surfaces such as glass and stainless still benefit from using vinegar on them after regular cleaning. Vinegar can also be used to disinfect most areas and can be combined with baking soda while cleaning.

Lemons you can buy whole or you can by the juice sold in most supermarkets. It all depends on how fresh you want your cleaning ingredients to be and how big the cleaning job is. For smaller jobs packaged lemon juice is suggested. For larger jobs fresh lemon slices are suggested the rind helps scrub and disinfect. This cleaning ingredient can also be combined with baking soda.

Coarse salt can be used to help scrubs surfaces. This item should be used sparingly because it can leave residue if the area isn’t rinsed properly. Salt also helps disinfect surfaces and prevent pests such as mould and bacteria.

Essential oils have several eco-friendly cleaning applications. Lavender can be used to disinfect   carpets and mattresses. Pine oil can be used to prevent pests such as moths and ants from cupboards. Olive oil is suggested to oil furniture and kitchen utensils.

Vivid Cleaning offers excellent cleaning services for Toronto and the GTA. Eco-friendly cleaning options are available. Vivid Cleaning provides home cleaning as well as office cleaning service in Toronto. Make your life easier by scheduling a cleaning appointment with us today.

How to clean a bathroom sink with eco-friendly cleaning

We frequently use the bathroom sink for hand washing and personal grooming. This sink comes in contact with dirt, bacteria and potential viruses. The sink needs cleaning because it dirties fast and it can harvest harmful pests. Thankfully eco-friendly cleaning is available to help.

Start by removing all the items around the sink. Next wet the area with water. This helps loosen dirt and residue. Spray the area with vinegar and let it sit for a few minutes to disinfect the surface. Next use baking soda to scrubs and disinfect the sink and faucets.

Rinse the sink area with water. Wipe it clean with paper towel. Apply vinegar to the faucets in order to shine the stainless steel. This step also prevents water marks from appearing on the faucets and making it look dirty again.

If you don’t have vinegar, lemon juice can be used instead for cleaning. Lemon juice can be from fresh lemon slices or packaged lemon juice containers. Fresh lemon can provide additional scrubbing power needed for tough sink cleaning jobs.

Bathroom mirrors can be cleaned with vinegar as well. Using this liquid can also help defog mirrors and help disinfect as well. Just apply vinegar and use paper towel to wipe the surface clean. For stuck on residue use baking soda as well.

Vivid Cleaning offers premium cleaning services for your home or office. Our Toronto cleaning services are top quality. We clean all areas in Toronto and the GTA. Call us today to schedule a cleaning appointment.