Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The best rugs for your living room

Your living room is one of the frequently occupied places in your home. You will undoubtedly be spending lots of time there with your family, friends and pets. These are all the reasons you should invest in the right type of rug.

Since the space is used frequently your rug should be durable to mechanical stress. Your living room rug should be easy to clean and maintain. A wool rugs are made of plush durable material which feels great on the feet. A synthetic rugs are also a good option because they are resistant to liquid spills.

Rugs come in all sorts of colours and sizes. Try to choose a rug that fits well with the rest of the living room furniture. The colours and designs should blend in and not clash with the rest of the room. If you want elegance and simplicity choose a rug with two colours.

Your living room rug should be sent out for cleaning once a year. Living room rugs in particular come in contact with food and may attract bacteria. Toronto rug cleaners have you covered for all your rug cleaning requirements.

Expert Toronto rugs cleaners will give your rug a deep cleaning.  This will remove all the dirt trapped at the base of your rug. It will all the rug fibers to breathe and your rug will feel noticeably fresh. Proper cleaning will renew the colours in your rugs as well. Yearly professional rug cleaning will protect your rug for the years to come.

The benefits of professional steam carpet cleaning

When it comes to carpet cleaning you want the best treatment and care for the job. There are many Toronto steam cleaning service to choose from. Experienced professionals have work skills to get the job done fast and efficiently. They also ensure quality steam cleaning service that won’t damage your carpet.

Experienced steam cleaners can assess carpet material on the spot. Before a job starts they will assess the carpet material, dyes and significant stains. They will inform the customer if there are any potential problems. They will also answer any questions or concerns the customer may have.

You should look at reviews before selecting a Toronto steam cleaner. Some companies may use quick fixes and only clean the surface of your carpet. Expert steam cleaning will give your carpet a deep cleaning. Dirt will be lifted and extracted from the base of the carpet.

Rental carpet cleaning equipment is unable to do the best carpet cleaning. Steam cleaning uses professional power cleaning machines. Portable machines require two separate outlet sources to power the machine.

Regular steam cleaning equipment is installed in a truck mounted machine. The machine is heavy because it requires it own engine and has separate compartments for water. Steam cleaning obtains boiling water temperatures with this mechanism as well.

These features make steam cleaning incomparable to regular store bought machines. Carpet steam cleaning means deep quality cleaning for your carpet. Once you’ve narrowed down your Toronto steam cleaning search, call the business. Professional steam cleaners will be able to ask any questions or concerns you have.

Protecting your basement carpet

The carpet in your basement often gets forgotten when it comes to regular cleaning. Carpets in this area need careful attention and maintenance throughout the year. Basement areas tend to attract dampness and possible pests. Specific maintenance measures need to be taken to keep your carpet in good condition.

Since the basement attracts dampness it’s a good idea to control climate conditions with a dehumidifier. This machine will take out excess moisture in the room and hinder mould and fungus growth. Periodically check the dehumidifier for leaks so that the moisture doesn’t affect the carpet.

Flooding is definitely possible hazard when it comes to basement carpets. After the source of flooding is stopped and the water has been cleaned, the basement carpet needs careful attention. The carpet needs the water extracted from the pile and the under pad. The severity of the damage determines if the carpet or under pad needs to be replaced.

Wall to wall carpets need to be cleaned annually with steam cleaning. There are expert steam cleaning services in Toronto and the GTA. Steam cleaning uses pressurized hot water extraction while cleaning carpets. Professional steam cleaning ensures that minimal moisture is left in your carpet.

Part of carpet steam cleaning is vacuuming up water from the carpet. This ensures that minimal moisture is left in the carpet and that it dries fast and efficiently. This is the first step in preventing mould growth. A quick drying time allows you to get back to enjoying your carpet sooner.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Rug vacuuming care

Vacuuming your rug is an essential part of rug care. Your rugs need to be vacuumed two to three times a week to remove dust and dirt that has settled. If you have pets lots of fur and pet dander is shed and gets trapped in the rug pile.

Regular synthetic rugs can be cleaned with almost any vacuum cleaner. The pile material isn’t delicate and can with stand regular mechanical pressure and suction levels from the vacuum. Rug made of other delicate material such as silk need vacuuming with a lower vacuum cleaner suction setting.

A brush roll setting can lift out most fur that is tangled in rug pile. However, this setting shouldn’t be used on silk rugs or rugs that have brittle material. If you notice thinning sections of your rug you should not longer use a brush roll setting.

In addition to vacuuming, your rugs should be sent out once a year to a professional rug cleaner. There are Toronto carpet cleaners that can assist you with all your rug cleaning needs. Professional carpet cleaners use advanced technology to wash your rugs without causing any damages.

Selecting a Toronto rug cleaner has great benefits for you and your rugs. Aside from removing dirt, rug cleaning nourishes and protects rugs so you can enjoy them for years to come. Proper rug cleaning can renew rug pile that has become dry and brittle. Professional rug cleaning also removes pests and irritants such as dust mites and allergy particles.

Noise control using rugs

Nothing ruins an environment the way excess noises do. Getting rugs for your environment can considerably dampen unpleasant noises in different rooms. Unpleasant sounds can come from rooms that echo, hallways, stairways and rooms that are located close to the street.

Artistic tapestry rugs can be hung on wall sections. It’s easier to hang these rugs if they’re light weight but thicker material does a more efficient job at cutting echoes. Take care to hang the rugs properly to prevent warping and stretching of the rug material.

Long throw rugs are great for hallways and stairways. They cover a large section of the floor and dampen sound from caused by footsteps. Synthetic rugs are recommended for this area. They are resistant to stains and dirt build up and are resistant to mechanical pressure.

Any regular room can benefit from a thick wool rug. These types of rugs are great for cancelling interfering noises. They are also plush and soft. They do well against mechanical pressure from foot traffic and furniture.

Your rugs need to be cleaned professionally in order to enjoy them for years to come. Proper rug cleaning with a Toronto carpet cleaner will protect your rugs and nourish the rug fibers. It will properly remove dust and dirt that settles deep in you rugs overtime.

Professional rug cleaning prevents allergy irritation from allergy particles that have settled. Allergy symptoms can range from dust to pollen. Professional rug cleaning prevent allergy symptoms from developing in the first place. Try a Toronto rug cleaner today and experience the benefits.

Professional Steam Cleaning matters

Getting your carpets steam cleaned is a great investment. The advanced cleaning technology allows you to achieve a superior clean than anything you would get with store bought equipment. Steam cleaning uses powerful equipment that cleans more than the surface of material.

Steam cleaning uses pressurized hot water extraction to clean a variety of materials. Professional steam cleaning equipment is able to use water that is maintained at its boiling point. Together with optimal water pressure steam cleaning is able to lift dirt trapped at the base of materials such as carpet.

The last part of steam cleaning is extracting the cleaning water with a powerful vacuum hose. This step is important because too much moisture will attract unwanted pests such as mould. Soaking carpets and rugs can also cause bleeding and fading of the material.

Professional steam cleaning doesn’t soak your carpet. It leaves minimal moisture in the material after cleaning. This ensures that it dries fast and efficiently. Steam cleaning is finished in a few hours and you can get back to using your carpets and furniture quickly.

Toronto steam cleaning offers other great benefits in addition to cleaning. The hot water and detergent can disinfect material from bacteria, moulds and even some viruses. It gets rid of pests such as dust mites that live deep in materials and are hard to extract.

Steam cleaning can be applied to different material other than rugs and carpets. It can be applied to mattresses and upholstered furniture. You can also efficiently clean drapery with steam cleaning. Try Toronto steam cleaning today and see the results.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Steam cleaning your office carpet

Nothing looks more unprofessional than a dirty office location. Regular cleaning care can prevent this but things such as coffee spills and foot traffic are unavoidable. Office carpets will acquire stains and sections of shaded carpet due to dirt overtime.

An investment in synthetic carpet for your office is a great idea. The synthetic pile doesn’t readily absorb dirt and liquid spills. This makes this type of carpet ideal for entrances and hallways. Synthetic material is resilient mechanical stress and deals well in areas with a lot of foot traffic.

Steam cleaning can help you with your carpet cleaning needs. There are several steam cleaning companies servicing Toronto and the GTA. Most steam cleaning services have flexible hours to clean after business hours. This way office hours for the public aren’t interrupted. Steam cleaning can be done within a few hours in one session.  

Steam cleaning works with professional machinery that has two hoses. The first hose spray pressurized hot water and cleaning solution on your carpet. Regular store equipment can’t achieve this high temperature. This advantage gives an incomparable professional clean you can’t get with regular machinery.

The second hose on the machinery vacuums up dirty water and leaves minimal moisture in the carpet. This allows the carpet to dry fast and efficiently. Steam cleaning can be applied to office furniture and rugs. Getting a professional steam carpet cleaning services in Toronto means you care about your office space.  This will reflect on your employees and customers. Get steam cleaning for your office today.

Entrance Rugs

Placing a rug at your entrance can greatly benefit your home or business. Entrance rugs guard against stains and dirt from heavy weather. These rugs prevent and limit dirt from reaching the other areas of the house or business. This helps keep the area clean and limits the amounts of cleaning that needs to be done.

In dry weather brings potential dirt or dust to your entrance. An entrance rug will trap most of the dirt from shoes. Rainy weather brings water and mud that needs to be absorbed by rug pile to prevent a mess elsewhere. Snowy cold weather brings wetness as well as sand and salt on shoes from outside.

You need entrance rugs with proper material. A popular entrance rug is usually has a rubber base and water resistant short pile. The short pile prevents too much dirt from settling and keeps the moisture in one location. These mats prevent slippery surfaces during wet weather. However, if there is a lot of foot traffic the rug pile can become soaked and it becomes ineffective in mess prevention.

Synthetic rugs are also a great material for being placed at entrances. They have common features of rubber based entrance mats. They trap dirt and prevent it from entering the rest of the dwelling. They also come in many styles and designs.

Entrance rugs need to be vacuumed up to four times a week. They receive a lot of foot traffic and thus accumulate more dirt. Steam cleaning and other rug cleaning services are available in Toronto and the GTA. Entrance rugs need more time to thoroughly remove dirt that has settled into the rug.    

The land down under: why cleaning under furniture and desk chair mats is important

During regular carpet cleaning, areas under furniture are often forgotten. Sections under desk chairs and office furniture are also commonly forgotten. If these areas aren’t clean several unwanted complications can occur that can be unsightly and hazardous.

To prevent discoloration, the carpet should be vacuumed weekly. This removes dirt and dust that has settled in the carpet during the week and will prevent shading. Periodically it is important to move furniture and vacuum underneath it as well as under and desk mats. If the furniture is too heavy to move, vacuum with a wand piece to reach under hard to get areas.

It is important to occasionally lift up desk chair mats. Over time the carpet can flatten from mechanical pressure. Removing the mat will allow the pile to regain its shape and allow the material to breathe. This will also prevent dust mites. If it’s possible, furniture should be rotated occasionally to allow the carpet to retain its shape.

Carpet steam cleaning is an efficient cleaning service for carpet. Toronto has expert carpet steam cleaning services for annual carpet cleaning. This method uses pressurized hot water extraction to lift dirt out from the base of your carpet.

The second part of the process is removing dirty cleaning water from the carpet. This removes excess moisture from the carpet material and allows the carpet to dry fast. Lastly, the carpet pile is set in the original direction of the pile. This allows the drying process to occur fast.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Cleaning Powder stains out of your rug

Stains caused by liquid spills use one specific treatment, powder or more solids stains require another. All in all solid stains are usually easy to remove if the substance is dry. For example sugar and salt can be removed with a good vacuum cleaner. Wet or greasy powder substances are another thing.

Makeup, pest powders, detergents, dry wall putty, drink crystals and soil are just some of the possible troublesome powders that may get on your rug. If the powder is non-toxic it may be fine to remove the substance with a vacuum. It may remove only some for the mess. Toxic or harmful agents should not be vacuumed because they become airborne or may even fly into the vacuum motor.

After vacuuming (if it’s possible), the stain should be allowed to dry. This treatment is especially useful for when your pet has put muddy paws on your rug. For greasy agents such as makeup blot out what you can with a paper towel. The rug should then be sent out to be cleaned by rug cleaning experts. Be sure to indicate what the stain is and on which area of the rug.

Protecting you rug while painting

You don’t want to ruin your carpet while doing a painting project. The best thing to do is take precautionary measure to preserve the carpet.

It’s easier to paint when all the furniture is removed from the room. If some furniture can’t be removed it is necessary to cover the pieces up. Plastic sheets or drop cloths should work well. Secure these in place around the furniture with painting tape.

The most basic protective measure is to use a plastic sheet or drop cloth to cover the carpeted area. Any paint droplets will reach the barrier and not your carpet. When possible place newspaper under the baseboard at the edges of your rug. These areas are tricky and tend to get accidental paint dabs from brushes.

An alternative material that can be used is painting tape. However, when the paint is dry the tape could accidentally remove the paint. Therefore remove the painting tape carefully or use newspaper instead.

Use newspapers under painting material such as paint buckets, trays and cans. This creates a mat and will soak excess paint that drips from material.

If paint does reach your rug there are a few measures to take. Paint should be blotted with a dry paper towel. Excess pressure will make the paint soak into the rug fibers. Allow the paint to dry. To avoid damage to your carpet seek out a professional carpet cleaning company. They will assess the paint stain and use the best method to get out the stain.

Carpet Cleaning and Flood damage

Floods can happen at any time and you need to act quickly to prevent lasting damage to your carpet. Once the flood source is stopped and most of the water is dealt with you can concentrate on saving your carpet.

Your carpets need immediate care. Toronto has steam cleaning services that offer flood care for your carpets. The first step is to remove the flood water from the carpet. Steam cleaning achieves this with a powerful vacuum hose. The area needs to be dehumidified and have adequate air circulation to prevent mould growth.

There may be issues with carpet under pads as well. Thick absorbent under pads can take in excess amounts of flood water. It may not be possible to completely remove all the moisture from the under pad. In certain situations it may be more practical to keep the carpet and replace the under pad.

After the moisture is dealt with the carpet needs to dry completely. After this occurs the carpet is ready to be steam cleaned. Steam cleaning will remove the dirt and smells caused by the flood water. Then the carpet needs to dry once more.

If mould growth occurs it may be steam cleaned depending on the amount. Small sections of the carpet can be cleaned of mould growth. However, if the mould area is large and has spread underneath the carpet, the best option is to replace it. Mould needs to be dealt with because it can affect your health.  

The Steam Cleaning Process

Many people know the benefits of steam cleaning but are unaware of what actually happens during the process. The method is straight forward and can help you understand how carpet steam cleaning extracts dirt and gets your carpets clean.

You will get better cleaning for your carpets with steam cleaning than with regular rental machinery. This is because of subtle yet effective differences. Steam cleaning machinery heats water to its boiling point. The water is mixed with cleaning solution and is pressurized. The pressurized water is then sprayed onto your carpet using a hose. A second hose removes the dirty water from your carpet.

The pressurized water hot water removes dirt that is trapped deep down at the base of your rug. The process lives minimal water left in your carpet so that it will dry fast. Regular equipment will use the warmest available water from the sink. These machines also tend to clean by soaking your carpet. This can cause bleeding or fading of carpet materials.

Additionally, if your rug doesn’t dry for a long period of time mold growth can occur. This unwanted result can be damaging to your health. Regular equipment only cleans the surface of your carpet and leaves most of the dirt still trapped at the carpet base.

For best result of finding the right carpet cleaner in Toronto, look at reviews or get recommendations for friends who have used the service. Also it’s fast and easy to call up a carpet cleaning company. They will be able to explain the cleaning process and can take up any concerns or questions that you have.  

Cleaning fragile rugs

Rugs can become fragile with age over a long period of time. They may have also become susceptible to wear and tear or exposure. The rug may become brittle, be crumbling or powdering in some areas. These rugs need special care to maintain them and full immersion may damage them.

There are several methods available but it depends on how fragile the rug actually is and the materials it is constructed from. The first method is to place the rug between two screen structures. Once the rug is placed, the screen frames are held together. The unit is them immersed in water with cleaning detergent. The unit is gently agitated in the water, the taken out and dried flat between the screens.

Surface cleaning is another method. Essentially, this method is done by sponging the rug gently with cleaning solution. The rug is also rinsed using the same method. This picks up the dirt but doesn’t provide a deep clean. The rug is then dried flat.

Professional steam cleaning can be used to treat small areas or particular stains. However, this depends on the materials of the rug. Thin rugs can’t be handled with this cleaning method and should be sent to a reputable rug cleaning company.

To avoid rugs wearing and tearing over time, wash your rugs annually. This is the main step in protecting and preserving your rug.  Storing rugs at proper temperatures and with proper covering will also prevent any damage to rug fiber.

Ways to test if your carpets are dirty

It’s not always evident that your carpet is dirty. Sometimes you even forget the last time you got the carpet cleaned. There are also a few methods to checking if your rug is dirty. Once you have checked your carpet, there are numerous professional carpet cleaning services in Toronto to choose from.

are more obvious than lighter ones but they both leave dirty patches on the carpet. As well as looking for stains check to see if there is discolouration or shaded areas. Colouring should be uniform throughout your carpet.

The next thing to check is to see to touch the rug. You can do this with a white paper towel or just your hands. Lightly rub a section and see if the area feels greasy or filmy. On the paper towel check to see if the towel becomes shady or discoloured. These tests indicate that there is dirt that isn’t readily visible in your carpet.

The carpet should be checked for smells. The best method is to crouch near the carpet and see if there is any smells. If there is a hint of a smell it could indicate mould, bacteria or dust mites. Proper cleaning will leave your carpet scentless. There are Toronto carpet cleaning services available to have your carpet cleaned to perfection. They will get rid of the unwanted dirt and will maintain the integrity of your carpets. Always remember to have your carpets cleaned annually to benefit your health and your environment.

The benefits of cleaning your upholstery

You will indefinitely spend large amounts of time in your living room. As a result life happens to your furniture and it can get stains and shading over time. Steam cleaning can help you professionally clean your furniture upholstery with fast and efficient methods.

cleaning will clean your furniture better than rental store equipment. Steam cleaning businesses use professional equipment that won’t damage your furniture.

Steam cleaning is better known as pressurized hot water extraction. The machinery uses two hoses. One hose will spray pressurized hot water at its boiling point and cleaning detergent onto your upholstery. The boiling water and pressure lifts dirt from deep within the furniture. The second hose will remove the dirty water and leave minimal moisture in the upholstery. This allows it to dry fast and efficiently.

The water removal is important. Many rental machines tend to soak your upholstery. This can cause bleeding and fading of the material. Additionally, the water can’t easily evaporate and it has the potential to attract mold. Rental equipment doesn’t have the capacity for the water to reach its boiling point.

This makes it less effective when you are cleaning. With professional steam cleaning your furniture will feel and smell fresher. Steam cleaning can be applied to rugs, tiles, drapery, mattress and much more. Get steam cleaning in Toronto for all your cleaning needs. Get the best cleaning for your home.