Wednesday, 31 May 2017

5 Ingredients You can use for Eco-Friendly Cleaning

If you are phasing out chemical cleaning solutions, you should inform yourself about eco-friendly cleaning ingredients. Most are inexpensive and you can find in the grocery store. These essential ingredients will get your house cleaning done fast and safely.

Baking soda is great for deodorizing different areas of your home. It can absorb smells from the refrigerator and stoves. It can also be used to scrub grimes out of bath tubs, sinks and other surfaces. It can also be used to deodorize and clean carpets and mattresses.

Vinegar is primarily used to shine surfaces. It will help remove residue from water stains and prevent streaks. Shiny surfaces such as glass and stainless still benefit from using vinegar on them after regular cleaning. Vinegar can also be used to disinfect most areas and can be combined with baking soda while cleaning.

Lemons you can buy whole or you can by the juice sold in most supermarkets. It all depends on how fresh you want your cleaning ingredients to be and how big the cleaning job is. For smaller jobs packaged lemon juice is suggested. For larger jobs fresh lemon slices are suggested the rind helps scrub and disinfect. This cleaning ingredient can also be combined with baking soda.

Coarse salt can be used to help scrubs surfaces. This item should be used sparingly because it can leave residue if the area isn’t rinsed properly. Salt also helps disinfect surfaces and prevent pests such as mould and bacteria.

Essential oils have several eco-friendly cleaning applications. Lavender can be used to disinfect   carpets and mattresses. Pine oil can be used to prevent pests such as moths and ants from cupboards. Olive oil is suggested to oil furniture and kitchen utensils.

Vivid Cleaning offers excellent cleaning services for Toronto and the GTA. Eco-friendly cleaning options are available. Vivid Cleaning provides home cleaning as well as office cleaning service in Toronto. Make your life easier by scheduling a cleaning appointment with us today.

How to clean a bathroom sink with eco-friendly cleaning

We frequently use the bathroom sink for hand washing and personal grooming. This sink comes in contact with dirt, bacteria and potential viruses. The sink needs cleaning because it dirties fast and it can harvest harmful pests. Thankfully eco-friendly cleaning is available to help.

Start by removing all the items around the sink. Next wet the area with water. This helps loosen dirt and residue. Spray the area with vinegar and let it sit for a few minutes to disinfect the surface. Next use baking soda to scrubs and disinfect the sink and faucets.

Rinse the sink area with water. Wipe it clean with paper towel. Apply vinegar to the faucets in order to shine the stainless steel. This step also prevents water marks from appearing on the faucets and making it look dirty again.

If you don’t have vinegar, lemon juice can be used instead for cleaning. Lemon juice can be from fresh lemon slices or packaged lemon juice containers. Fresh lemon can provide additional scrubbing power needed for tough sink cleaning jobs.

Bathroom mirrors can be cleaned with vinegar as well. Using this liquid can also help defog mirrors and help disinfect as well. Just apply vinegar and use paper towel to wipe the surface clean. For stuck on residue use baking soda as well.

Vivid Cleaning offers premium cleaning services for your home or office. Our Toronto cleaning services are top quality. We clean all areas in Toronto and the GTA. Call us today to schedule a cleaning appointment.

Studies Show that Packaged Lemon Juice cleans better than Fresh Lemons

Lemons are about of regular cleaning as well as eco-friendly cleaning. Citrus fruits help break down dirt and are anti-bacterial. They are also easy to combine with other simple ingredients like baking soda. However, its been shown that packaged lemon juice is better to use for cleaning than fresh cut lemons.

Fresh cut lemons can be used for cleaning but they come with some inconveniences. Firstly, they have a short shelf life and can’t be stored for long. They can also leave sticky residue after cleaning items such as the sink. The lemon rind and extra fiber in particular causes this inconvenience.

Fresh lemons aren’t as concentrated packaged lemon juice. This difference in pH can affect how well cleaning is done. Using a whole lemon can be beneficial because the lemon rind can provide additional scrubbing power. However, if you want to use just lemon juice you have to separate the juice from the rest of the lemon. Filtration needs to be done carefully as well.

Package lemon juice comes in good sized quantities and has a longer shelf life than fresh lemons. You can use the quantity you need and store the rest in the refrigerator. This juice tends to be more concentrated and increases a bit in acidity as it ages. This lemon juice comes ready to be used.

Vivid Cleaning offers premium cleaning for homes, offices and businesses. Natural eco-friendly lemon scented cleaning solutions are used for mattress cleaning as well as for couches and sofas. We provide excellent cleaning services in Toronto and the GTA. Call us today to schedule all your cleaning needs.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

How to effectively manage drink spills on couch upholstery

We usually end up eating and drinking in our living rooms and accidents happen. Some drink spills can cause lasting damage. If spills aren’t handled right away, the liquid can penetrate deep within cushions and other fabric. It can also cause other problems such as attracting mould.

There are simple ways to manage drink spills as soon as they happen. First place some paper towels on a table. Take the cushion and turn it on its side over the paper towels. Let the liquid run off the cushion. Taking off the excess liquid will prevent it from penetrating further into the material.

The cushion should be stream cleaned to remove the drink liquid. Using a damp cloth will only clean the surface of the cushion and can cause the stain to spread. Steam cleaning is the only way to penetrate the couch material and remove the drink spill. Other methods won’t fully clean and the food smell will be present.

You may want to consider having your whole couch cleaned. If you can’t remember the last couch washing you may want to get it while the stain is being managed. Toronto couch cleaning services are available for all your couch cleaning needs.

Our Toronto sofa cleaning services have flexible hours to suit your busy schedule. The sofa cleaning will be done fast and efficiently. Your couch will be usable within a few hours after it has been cleaned. Schedule a couch, sofa or armchair cleaning today with Vivid Cleaning.  

Wine Stains and your carpet

Getting wine stain on your carpet can be hard to deal with. Wine has been used as a dyeing agent for hundreds of years and stains carpets badly. With lighter toned carpets the stain is more prominent and harder to get rid of. Wine stain removal depends on several factors.

The main problem with wine stains is that they are wicking stains. This means that the stain can potentially come back even after cleaning. Stain removal depends on the quantity of wine that was spilled, how fresh the stain is and the carpet material.

When the wine stain occurs it should be dabbed with dry paper towel along the edges. This removes some of the excess and limits the stained area. Other liquid agents shouldn’t be used as they could spread the stain and even make it permanent.

After attempted removal with professional carpet cleaning services the stain could potentially come back. It depends how deep the stain reached into the material. When the carpet becomes wet the wine dye will leach out once more from the carpet. The stain will then reappear.

Scotch-guarding your carpet can help protect the material from stains. It prevents the wicking agent from seeping deep into the carpet and becoming permanent. Toronto has carpet cleaning services to assist with your carpet cleaning needs.

Toronto steam cleaning experts will start by assessing the stains and all areas of the carpet. Our experts will be able to answer all your carpet cleaning questions as well. Schedule your carpet cleaning appointment with us today.        

5 Ways to Tell if your Carpet is Dirty

Carpets need care and maintenance to properly enjoy them in our home, business or office. However, it is sometimes hard to tell if your carpet is dirty for a variety of reasons. There are simple ways to tell and decide if you want to get the carpets cleaned.

Scan your carpet for shading or discolouration. Start with one section and scan for things like stains as well. Dark stains are easy to spot but water related stains aren’t as noticeable. Areas that receive a lot of foot traffic such as entrances and hallways are especially prone to shading.

It your carpet doesn’t show obvious stains or dirt it can still have a smell. Crouch down and try to notice if there are any obvious smells from dust, food or mould. Restaurants that have carpets are prone to food related pests due to contact with food.

Dirt can change the texture of the carpet. For instance there can be sticky or slippery spots of the carpet due to dirt and foot. There can be residue from items such as chewing gum, sugary drinks and general dirt residue. These can change the carpet texture.

Carpets can have sections of flattened pile. This occurs in areas with a lot of foot traffic. The carpet pile picks up dirt residue and the fibers can stick together. If this isn’t managed the pile can flattened permanently in one direction or be prone to breakage.

You can do a residue test on the carpet. Simply take a paper towel and rub it on a section of the carpet. If it comes up filmy or shady, the carpet requires cleaning. Vivid Cleaning offers professional carpet cleaning. We provide carpet cleaning in Toronto and the GTA. Book an cleaning appointment with us today.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The steps of scothguarding furniture and carpets

At some point we’ve all heard of scotchguarding and its benefits. The process essentially dirt and waterproofs the item. If you want to scotchguard it is important that you follow certain steps so the process goes smoothly.

The items should be cleaned and allowed to dirt. If you don’t clean the furniture or carpet when you apply the scotchguard solution you will be essentially locking in some dirt and dust. If the item isn’t properly dry the scotchguard solution won’t stick to the item as well and you will be locking in moisture into the material.

For carpets, it is recommended that you have the carpets steam cleaned. This carpet cleaning process gets deep within the carpet material and removes dirt at the base of the carpet. The carpet cleaning process also helps condition and protect the carpet pile.

Carpet cleaning is best left to a professional cleaning service. Store bought equipment doesn’t give a deep cleaning to carpets. At most it only provides light surface cleaning. In addition, the store bought machines do not have a vacuum for extraction. Your carpet can be become oversoaked and can potentially attract mould.

After professional carpet cleaning and after a proper drying period you should then apply the scotchguard or have the service done for you. Scotchguard can be expensive and you may want to consider applying to it hallways and entrances which get the most foot traffic.

Vivid Cleaning offers expert carpet cleaning services. Our services as done using the most powerful truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment available. Our cleaning services are available to Toronto and the GTA. Call us today to book your cleaning appointment. 

How to Inspect Your Mattress For Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are a common problem for apartment building. This parasite comes out at night and feeds on hosts and can go undetected for months. To protect yourself and your pets it’s important to look for signs of bedbugs and routinely inspect your mattress and furniture.

The first signs show up on your bed and you may notice them when you do laundry. Check for spots of blood at the head and feet of your mattress. This can indicate the presence of these pests. Also look for small dark spots which can be caused by their waste. Sometimes you can find bugs on bed items when you do the laundry.

Inspect the mattress and the bed frame carefully. Bedbugs can fit in spaces that are the width of a credit card. They generally prefer wood and fabric materials to nest in as well. Placing bed bug detection traps can give you early detections of these bugs.

If you find any bugs in the house place them in a jar for reference. If you suspect any clothing or other items of having bed bugs they should be washed using hot water. If they can’t be washed, place them in a container. They can’t climb out of smooth surfaces.

Have your mattress cleaned and inspected once a year. Steam cleaning your mattress takes time and attention to detail. If they notice anything they can alert you to the problem when your mattress is being cleaned.

Vivid Cleaning offers expert mattress cleaning for your home. We clean mattresses in Toronto and the GTA. Most mattress warranties require steam cleaning in order to keep the warranty and we can provide a receipt for your records. Call us today to schedule your mattress cleaning, 

Study show that annual carpet cleaning will extend its lifetime

Carpets are a great item to have in your home, business or office. They dampen noise and are easy to maintain. Carpets come in a variety of styles and materials and can be used for decorative purposes. Aside for weekly vacuuming your carpet needs to be cleaned with steam cleaning to give it a deep clean.

Vacuuming carpet removes dirt and debris from the material but it can’t remove everything. Stains and dirt residue clean to the carpet fibers and it can only be removed with proper carpet cleaning. There are maintenance options such as dry cleaning and foam cleaning. However professional carpet cleaning will provide the deepest cleaning possible.

Carpet cleaning does more than just remove dirt. It helps nourish and protect the carpet fibers as well. It prevents breakage and stops the pile from flattening irreversibly. Carpet cleaning renews the colours of the carpet to keep the carpet looking beautiful.

Study show that carpets receiving deep cleaning once a year wear better than carpets that don’t receive this treatment. Proper carpet cleaning prevents pest such as silver fish, dust mites and mould from entering your carpet. As a result the fibers aren’t affected by these pests and maintain their integrity.

Vivid Cleaning offers professional carpet cleaning services in Toronto and the GTA. We use powerful carpet cleaning equipment with our truck mounted steam cleaning unit and professional portable steam cleaning machinery. Vivid Cleaning handles all your carpet cleaning needs. Call us today for a free consultation and to book a cleaning appointment.

5 Office Carpet Colours To Boost Productivity

Carpets are an essential part of an office environment. Not only do carpets dampen sound, they also bring all the office furniture together. Before installing a carpet in the office you should consider what psychological effects different carpet colours have.

Most offices use conservative colours for the office floor. Generally they use blues and greens as these colours how less dirt. Blue and green carpets can help you focus on work because they are calm and tranquil. Green is also refreshing if it’s bright and it can allow you to keep a steady focus on work.

Red is eccentric and can boost energy and creativity. Red carpets can prevent boredom and renew work ethic in the office. This colour elevates mood and blood pressure so you can optimize work performance as soon as you get into the office.

Brown carpet is great if you want to generate warmth and comfort for the workplace. This colour remind people of home and also of trees. You can use brown carpets in combination with wood furniture items such as office chairs and conference tables. It can help visitors and guests feel at ease and at home when they visit the office space.

Yellow and orange carpets aren’t common office carpets and should be used with caution. These colours promote creativity and creative thought but they can be bright. Dirt on yellow and orange carpets shows up fast and is easily noticed. White carpet is rarely seen in offices as well because of the same cleaning problem.

Black carpets can increase focus but it needs to be combined with other bright colours to keep it from being gloomy. Black carpet is also conservative and gives off a serious vibe which helps work ethic. Regardless of colour your office carpet needs to be cleaned once a year.

Vivid Cleaning offers excellent office carpet cleaning services. We clean carpets in a variety of materials, colours and patterns. Toronto carpet cleaning has never been easier to get. Schedule your next office carpet cleaning with us today.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Pets and your rugs –Seasonal changes

Having a pet means extra care needs to go into maintain your rugs. With the weather warming up your pet will be shedding its winter coat and the fur will be flying around. This fur will be settling into your rugs and it’s important to know how to manage it.

Fur tends to get all fabric materials such as clothes and couches. In rug, the fur becomes tangled in the rug fibers. Vacuuming your rugs two to three times a week can help manage this mess. The brush roll setting on your vacuum is especially useful for removing fur from the rug fibers.

Aside from fur, pet dander is another common particle that settles into your rugs. Dirt from muddy paws is also a common source for dirt contaminants for your rug.  Vacuuming your rug is only one part of rug maintenance and it can’t remove everything. This is why it is important to send your rugs out to a professional rug cleaner once a year.

Toronto rug cleaners are able to handle all your rug cleaning needs. Professional rug cleaners know how to remove pet fur and other dirt from your rug. The rug cleaning process provides a deep cleaning without damages to your rugs.

Toronto rug cleaning services offer a variety of services for rug cleaning. Rug pickup and delivery services are available and are helpful when you can’t move the rugs yourself. The rug transport services also help if you have a busy schedule. Get Toronto rug cleaning services today and experience the quality rug cleaning.

Professional rug cleaning Matters

When it comes to rug cleaning you may be tempted to do the job yourself. However, you may end up accidentally damaging your rug and only cleaning the surface. The cleaning quality of store bought machines is incomparable to professional rug cleaning. 

Portable rug cleaning equipment ends up mostly soaking your rug. As a result, rug dye can bleed and ruin the design. This can cause some areas to fade as well. The more damaging part is that the rug can’t dry fast and it can attract pests such as mould and bacteria. The rug doesn’t receive a deep cleaning either and most dirt is still in it.

Professionalrug cleaning experts have careful cleaning methods. Vivid Cleaning uses pH balanced cleaning solutions and softened water. The rug is then rinsed in a wringer machines. This machine deep cleans the material and gently wrings out excess water.

Rugs cleaned with the wringer are carefully placed so that their pile is in the right direction. This prevents excessive mechanical stress and helps maintain the rug pile. Store bought machines are too harsh and can end up thinning sections of your rugs.

Vivid Cleaning has over ten years of cleaning rugs in Toronto and the GTA. Our methods ensure that your rugs get the best cleaning possible. Our rugcleaning facility allows you to see the cleaning process for yourself. Our rug cleaning experts will be able to answer all your rug cleaning questions. Get your rugs professionally cleaned today. 

Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Best Way To Clean up Plant soil messes from Carpet

Whether a plant pot tipped over or your pet tracked in dirty paw prints you have to clean up the mess properly. You also have to consider if the soil mess is dry or wet. The overall state of your carpet should be noted as well.

Dry plant soil messes would be the easiest to clean. This can be cleaned by vacuuming the carpet and using an extension wand to reach difficult areas. For wet soil messes extras measures need to be taken. The clean up also depends on the amount of soil and how much of it is on the carpet.

Wet soil messes can occur after you’ve just watered a plant and the plant pot accidentally falls. It can also be from your pet trekking in form outside with wet dirty paws. For small messes use paper towel to gather up the soil and absorb the moisture. Next with a clean damp cloth go over the stained areas. Light stains at the surface of the carpet should come out easily.

For larger wet soil stains clean up what you can with paper towels. It’s not recommended that you clean the carpet yourself since you can accidentally spread the stain. You can also end up soaking the carpet and ending up with other complications.

Professional carpet cleaning will get the soils stains out. We offer carpet cleaning services that can assist you in Toronto and GTA. For carpet cleaning you can choose to focus on specific spots or give your carpet annual cleaning. Our services are available for emergency cleaning for Toronto and the GTA. 

Effectively Cleaning Your Desk Area

We spend ample amounts of time at our computers and work desks every day. Occasionally we eat while working and can also end up doing other activities at our work desks. This makes it important to periodically give your desk area a proper cleaning.

 You can use disinfecting wipes to sanitize a number of desk items. The mouse and keyboard are prime items that get touched on a daily basis and need disinfecting. The desk surface can be wiped as well but all items should be removed from it first.

The key board can be turned over and placed on paper towel. Gently tap it to remove crumbs and dirt that have gotten trapped within it. Your monitor should be dust and if necessary cleaned with a damp cloth. It’s recommended that you dry the monitor to prevent any droplets and streaks.

You can also use disinfecting wipe to clean desk drawer handles and your desk chair. The arms and seat of the chair should also be wiped down. For tight areas of the seat use a vacuum to remove the crumbs and dirt.    

The floor surrounding the desk should also be cleaned. Vacuuming the rug or carpet should be enough to remove dust and dirt. Carefully clean underneath the desk and use a wand extension to vacuum the edges of the desk.

These desk cleaning steps help properly clean your work area. Dusting and vacuuming also prevents allergies and irritations. If you’re too busy to clean there are excellent Toronto cleaning services available. Cleaners can come at the time they needed and you can specify what you need cleaned. 

How to Expertly Clean Your Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks come in contact with a lot of food and other dirt. Since food preparation and dish cleaning is done in the kitchen it makes sense to clean it well. A dirty kitchen sink can allow for mould and bacteria growth and can cause serious health issues. There are simple steps to give your sink a deep cleaning.

You will need vinegar, baking soda, paper towels and S.O.S steel wool pads. The latter can be substituted with a scrubbing pad and Vim. Most dish sponges have a side that has the scrubbing pad on them.

First you should wet the sink with water and use the S.O.S pads to scrub the sink and faucets. This lifts most dirt particles from the sink. Apply baking soda and scrub the sink area. This step helps deodorize and lightly scrubs the sink surface.  

Rinse the sink until the baking soda and S.O.S powder is gone. Now take a paper towel and apply vinegar to it. Use this cloth to wipe down the sink with vinegar. This step shines the sink and removes any remaining residue or film. This way no streaks or water marks will be seen after the sink dries.

This cleaning method is recommended for periodic deep cleaning. You can use regular cleaning for your usual house work routine or if you strapped for time. There are Toronto house cleaning services that can also assist you. Our house cleaning services can provide eco-friendly house cleaning upon request.  

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Carpet Pile Reversal Causes and Prevention

Carpet pile reversal is a common occurrence for carpets of all types. This is essentially an optical illusion caused by pile fibers flattening in different directions. The bent fibers reflect or absorb light unevenly and give the carpet the appearance of having water puddles. Pile reversal is also known as pooling or watermarking.   

The first signs of pile reversal on carpet are usually only seen after carpet cleaning. After the cleaning the carpet will have a noticeable difference in pattern. This is due to flattening of the carpet pile from frequent foot traffic or furniture.

Sadly pile reversal is a carpet defect that isn’t quite understood. However, there is speculation that it’s caused by several factors such as floor temperature, humidity, air flow and static electricity. It can also be due to improper installation but there is no conclusive evidence to its underlying cause.

In most cases the pile can’t be treated and it’s best to try preventative measures. This includes having the correct under pad beneath the carpet. Shock absorbing under pad offsets mechanical stress caused by frequent foot traffic. Regular vacuuming cleans and also prevents the carpet fiber from flattening in one direction.

Cleaning the carpet is important and should be done once a year. This carpet cleaning gives carpet a deep cleaning and removes dirt and residue from carpet pile. The pile doesn’t stick together or get matted down. The carpet cleaning process also straightens pile in their proper direction. Get Toronto carpet cleaning services today. 

Mattress Cleaning and Mattress Maintenance steps

We spend a third of our life sleeping and doing activities on our mattresses. As a result your mattress has contact with dust, dirt and other debris. We also shed skin cells and hair which gets caught in the mattress material. We also sweat and the oils also go into the mattress. Even if you don’t bring food to bed, your feet can track in crumbs and other dirt. 

If improperly maintained your mattress can attract pests and cause allergies. There are simply ways to maintain your mattress so you can enjoy it for years to come. Proper maintenance will provide comfort and quality sleep as well.

Having a great mattress cover will provide an excellent barrier against dirt and dust. It also absorbs liquid spills and sweat and prevents it from getting into the mattress. Mattresses covers are easier to wash then your mattress and can be replaced if necessary.

Annual deep mattress cleaning is recommended. This yearly steam cleaning not only gives the mattress a deep cleaning but it also renews the material. Some mattress warranties also require steam cleaning for mattresses in order to keep the warranty. Steam cleaning your mattress will remove dirt and debris that regular cleaning methods can’t.

There are excellent Toronto steam cleaning services available for mattress cleaning. Eco-friendly cleaning options are available so you won’t be breathing in cleaning chemicals after cleaning. Professional steam cleaning extracts the cleaning water so your mattress dries quickly. Get your mattress expertly cleaned today.

Monday, 8 May 2017

What goes into the quality of professional carpet cleaning?

When you need to get your carpets cleaned you may consider several methods to try to get the job done yourself. However machines bought in store lack important features when it comes to proper carpet cleaning. Getting your carpets cleaned with a professional cleaning service makes a difference in quality.

Carpet cleaning cleans carpets using pressurized hot water extraction. There are important key differences between professional carpet cleaning equipment and store bought machines. Firstly, water temperature with store machines is limited to the temperature of tap water. They don’t have an external function to heat water to its boiling point.

With store machinery the water pressure isn’t adjustable. As a result the equipment can’t light out dirt from deep within the carpet. Delicate carpets made of silk or older material require different water pressure settings to avoid damaging the carpet.

Most store bought equipment doesn’t have a good water extraction function. This is a vital component to professional carpet cleaning. Regular carpet cleaning equipment will leave your carpets soaked. This can attract pests such as mould and causes other damage to the carpet. This makes it worth investing in professional carpet cleaning services.

Vivid cleaning offers quality carpet cleaning services for Toronto and the GTA. Professional carpet cleaning is handled by carpet cleaning experts. With years of experience your carpet cleaning needs will be handled with care and efficiency. Vivid cleaning also provides carpet cleaning for other household items such as mattresses and upholstery.   

Essential Passover Cleaning

With the holiday of Passover coming up there is a lot on your schedule. Your home environment requires thorough cleaning so that it will be chametz free for the holiday. Toronto carpet cleaning can help you with all your Passover cleaning needs.

Professional steam cleaning can be applied to many household items. Steam cleaning is primarily used for carpets but it can also be applied to mattresses, couches, sofas and much more. The steam cleaning process is simple but effective for cleaning.

Steam cleaning is essentially pressurized hot water extraction that occurs in two steps. In the first step of steam cleaning the carpet is sprayed with pressurized hot water and cleaning solution. This lifts and removes dirt out of the carpet fibers as well as the base of the carpet material. This removes any crumbs that are trapped deep within the carpet.

In the next step of professional steam cleaning the cleaning water and contaminants are removed with a powerful vacuum hose. Your carpet is free of the dirt that has previously settled in it. This last step leaves minimal moisture in your carpet so that it dries fast and efficiently.

Toronto cleaning service experts can handle all your Passover cleaning needs. Most steam cleaning services have flexible hours to accommodate your schedule. Eco-friendly cleaning is available to help maintain your health and your environment. Carpet cleaning is an effective way to do your Passover cleaning so your dwelling will be chametz free. Get Toronto carpet cleaning today.  

Rug cleaning when you have pets

Cleaning after your pets involves pet dander, fur and the occasional accident. When bodily fluids are involved you should really have your rug cleaned by a professional rug cleaning business. There are many Toronto based rug cleaning services available to help.

If you treat the pet stains on your rug you may run into a few inconveniences. Firstly, the stain could become permanent due to the presence of urea and ammonia. The next concern is bacteria involved in the stain. Store bought products and rental machinery may not be enough to disinfect the stain. You may only end up just wetting the stain and providing an ideal environment for bacteria to grow.

In addition to this, the rug may start to smell. Rental equipment often doesn’t have an adequate vacuum component. This can leave your rug over soaked and vulnerable to bacteria growth. Additionally, over soaking the rug may cause the rug dye to bleed and damage its design.      

All these risks can be avoided by leaving your rug cleaning to the professionals. Toronto rug cleaners are experienced with pet stain related rug cleaning. First your rug will be assessed for stains and other areas of interests. Rug cleaning experts will be able to answer all your rug cleaning questions.

Toronto rug cleaners have pickup and delivery services available. This can assist you and your busy schedule. If you have the time to spare it may be worth checking out the top of the line rug cleaning facility. Get your rugs cleaned today. 

Carpet cleaning and the gym

Carpets in places where you work out, need to be properly cleaned. Carpets are beneficial to have in work out areas. They dampen noise and help steady exercise machines. These areas come in contact with dirt and sweat on a weekly basis.  This makes them important to have them professionally cleaned.

Carpet cleaning has many benefits. In gym settings this cleaning service can help remove odors from sweat and bacteria. Carpet cleaning gives carpet deep cleaning using pressurized hot water extraction. This process can also help sanitize and deodorize the carpets.

Professional carpet cleaning services are available in Toronto and the GTA. Expert carpet cleaning services are incomparable to jobs done with store bought carpet cleaning machinery. The quality doesn’t compare on several levels.

Store bought carpet cleaning equipment can’t achieve high water temperatures and pressures. These are required to lift dirt and debris from the base of the carpet. Store bought machines tend to soak the carpet material. This can cause dye bleeding and damage your carpet. Too much water can prevent your carpet from drying.  This can attract mould and other unwanted pests.

Professional carpet cleaning involves removal of water with a powerful vacuum hose. This leaves minimal moisture in the carpet and allows it to dry quickly. Vivid cleaning ensures that your carpets are cleaned with quality. Our experts don’t skip steps in the cleaning procedure. We have over ten years of experience cleaning carpets in Toronto and the GTA. Call us today to schedule an appointment.