Monday, 19 June 2017

Leather Office Chair Cleaning

If you do office work where you’re at a desk all day your desk chair can acquire a lot of dirt and crumbs. Leather chairs need careful cleaning so that they are cleaning without damaging them in the process. There are simple cleaning techniques you can use for this task.

First you will need to clean the surface of the chair. Use a vacuum to remove crumbs from the cracks and crevices of the chair. If you don’t have access to a vacuum at work you can remove dust and crumbs with cyber clean compound.

Next you should wash the leather surface with a solution of water and mild detergent. Use a microfiber cloth while washing the desk chair. Allow the chair to dry and then use a leather specific conditioner. This leather conditioner should be applied using a microfiber cloth. Remove excess solution with a clean cloth.

Conditioning the leather is important because it keeps the leather moisturized. It prevents the chair surface from cracking and flaking. It also makes the surface resilient to mechanical pressure and strain. The chair will last longer without causing discomfort or looking worn out.

Vivid Cleaning offer premium office chair cleaning in Toronto and the GTA. We clean upholstered desk chair in offices, homes and business. Our pressurized hot water extraction gets desk chairs looking new with efficient dirt removal. Chairs that are cleaned annually last longer and don’t acquire bad smells and discolouration of the material. Scheduling a cleaning appointment with us today.

5 Ways to Reduce Allergies in Your Bedroom

With the transition from spring to summer there is a peak allergy symptoms from different particles. Allergies can make use miserable and can affect our quality of sleep. Luckily there are simple ways that we can reduce allergies in the bedroom.

Having a good air filter will improve air quality and capture most air borne allergens. Allergy particles don’t have time to settle and won’t be present on bedding while you are trying to sleep. With a good air filter you will be able to breathe easier and your smell will improve.

Vacuum the carpet at least once a week to get rid of dust mites and remove mold and allergy particles. If you don’t have carpet or rugs make sure to sweep the bedroom well and dust the furniture. Dust peak allergy times avoid opening windows to prevent allergens from entering.

Change the bedding weekly. We shed skin cells and hair on a daily basis and also sweat when we sleep. Dust mites are attracted to these particles and changing the bedding will help keep your environment free of them. If you can’t change the bedding try to at least change the pillow cases. This will help you breathe easier while sleeping.

Don’t have dirty clothes or other laundry present in the bedroom. Dirty laundry can contain mould, allergies and dust. These can cause allergy symptoms for you. Place laundry items in a basket and relocate it to another room.

Mattress cleaning is an effective way to reduce allergies. Steam cleaning gives mattresses a deep clean and extracts dirt and other particles from the mattress material. Allergy treatments are available for when you get your mattress cleaning.

Vivid Cleaning offers expert mattress cleaning in Toronto and the GTA. We offer other professional cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning, household cleaning and more. Call us today to schedule your next cleaning job.

3 Ways to Prevent Carpet Pile Flattening

Most of us have witnesses how sections of the carpet can become flattened over time. This happens usually to sections of the carpet where furniture is placed. The furniture doesn’t have to be heavy to cause flattening. It occurs naturally because of gravity. However, there are ways to prevent it and stop it from permanently damaging the carpet pile.

Having a shock absorbing under pad can absorb mechanical pressure cause by the weight of furniture. This type of under pad can also relieve mechanical pressure from foot traffic. This under pad keeps the carpet in place and prevents it from slipping. This ultimately prevents friction from regular use of the furniture.

Periodically rotating the furniture arrangement can prevent pile flattening. This method prevents strain from happening to only one part of the carpet. After the furniture is rearranged fluffen up the flattened pile and allow it to breathe. 

Carpet steam cleaning will revitalize the fiber. This carpet cleaning should be done annually to recondition the carpet pile. This also sets the carpet pile in its original direction and prevents permanent flattening. Carpet cleaning will recondition carpet pile and renew its tensile strength.

If your carpet isn’t cleaned annually the pile will acquire dirt residue. The pile fibers can stick together and flatten down. Professional carpet cleaning will noticeably revitalize the texture and colour of your carpet. Vivid Cleaning has professional cleaning services. We offer excellent carpet cleaning for Toronto and the GTA. 

After party Carpet Clean up – Vomit, Urine and Poop

Parties are fun but sometime they bring messes on carpets and furniture upholstery. It may be a daunting task but there are effective ways to manage and clean up the messes. The clean up can be done effectively with the help of a professional carpet cleaner.

Before help comes you should know how to maintain the mess. Liquid spills can be soaked up using paper towels. Make sure not to rub in the spill into the carpet. All wet messes can be dried up using baking soda. This powder can also help minimize any smells.

Once the mess is dry you have the option of vacuuming up the baking soda. These steps ensure that the mess is managed until help arrives. Vivid Cleaning gets carpet cleaning done right. We use only powerful carpet cleaning equipment to ensure proper dirt extraction and sanitation.

For carpet mess cleaning for vomit, urine and other organic messes we use enzyme treatment to breakdown and remove the substance. This ensures that the carpet is cleaned properly and its vivid colours are renewed. Steam cleaning also renews carpet material so that its lifetime is extended.

Vivid Cleaning offers expert carpetcleaning in Toronto, Vaughan and the GTA. Eco-friendly cleaning is available upon request. We also offer furniture upholstery cleaning and mattress cleaning among our variety of cleaning services. Book your cleaning appointment with us today and see the Vivid Cleaning difference. Make your life easier with Vivid Cleaning.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

The modern look of reversible rug design

Reversible rugs or twofold rugs are an new innovative design. Essentially these rugs are hand-made and made up wool material and have rug pile on two sides. Each has its own unique colours and design. The purpose is to have a rug where you can switch the design to match the colours of the room furniture.

These rugs also offer a switch between design types. One side can feature a geometric rug design while the other can feature an abstract composition. There's no limit to matching rug designs that appeal to potential buyers.

In addition to design these two-fold rugs make great unique gift ideas. They can easily upgrade the look of a room to modernize it or allow for change to reflect seasonal times of the year. This gift is also great for art lovers and people in creative pursuits.

The fabrication of two-fold rugs renews the traditional concept of hand-made rugs. Currently these rugs are only made with handmade woven methods. Each rug is unique in this way and it can be a time consuming process. There's nothing quite like two-fold rugs available on the market.

All your rugs needs annual cleaning. Vivid Cleaning offers professional rug cleaning for Toronto, Vaughan and the GTA. Our rug cleaning services comes with rug pick up and drop off services. We take time to review particular rug stains and the rug material needs. Annual rug cleaning renews the rug material and lets you enjoy your rugs for years to come. Get your rugs cleaned today.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

How to Properly Clean Your Purse

We carry our purses and bags with us on a daily basis. We all store our necessities such as phones, headphones, credit cards and much more. The frequent use with allow your purse or hand bag to accumulate all sorts of dirt. There is a simple way to clean it effectively.

You will need a sanitation wipes for this cleaning. First empty your purse contents on a tray or table. Make sure to go through every pocket carefully. Once its emptied turn your purse upside down over a trash bin. Shake it thoroughly to remove all crumbs and dirt from inside.

Next take the clean wipes and wipe the handles of your purse. You will be surprised at the amount of dirt that gets removed. Also wipe down the zipper handles and the bottom of the bag. You can go over entire exterior surface with the wipes. You may also quickly wipe the interior.

You may choose to condition the exterior leather material with leather cleaner to keep it from cracking. This keeps your purse from wearing out. While your purse is drying you can sort through the contents of your purse. Throw out garbage and expired items. You may want to wipe your phone, headphones and credit cards with the wipes to clean them.

Your purse is one item of cleaning that needs to be done periodically. Home cleaning needs to be done more frequently. Vivid Cleaning offers excellent cleaning services for Toronto, Vaughan and the GTA. We offer cleaning schedules that suit your needs. Make your life easier today by scheduling your next cleaning appointment with us.

Best Cleaning Hacks How to Effectively Clean Your Desktop

We use computers for countless hours every day for a myriad of purposes. Students use them for homework and studying. While older people use them for work and other important ventures. No matter what your age, your desktop should be properly cleaned to improve your performance.

We end up doing other activities other than work when using the desk area. This often includes eating, drinking and other hobbies. Food crumbs can end up all over the desk and in the keyboard. Other food spills are a nuisance because they can damage documents and other important papers. Dust is also a common nuisance we have to deal with on the desktop.

Food can bring unwanted bacteria and smells to the study area. Using clean wipes can help tidy the surface and get rid of greasy residues. Start by moving all your papers into one pile and removing dishes and cups. Wipe the desk area with the wipes and allow the surface to dry.

Also wipe the mouse, drawer handles and monitor to remove dirt and sanitize them. To clean your keyboard. Place paper towel on a surface and place you keyboard face down. Gently tap the back of the keyboard to remove dust and crumbs. You can also use cyber clean compound to lift and remove dust and crumbs in a similar manner. Wipe the keyboard with clean wipes afterwards.

You can get the rest of the study and your home cleaned with Vivid Cleaning services. We have professional cleaning services available for Toronto, Vaughan and the GTA. Make your home or office fresh and vivid today. 

How to Clean Rugs & Carpets Without Vacuum - 3 Quick Vacuum-less Rug Cleaning Methods

If you need to clean your rug and your vacuum breaks or you don't have one there are some alternative rug cleaning methods. This article uses methods with materials you will likely to have handy at home. They are also used for quick fixes and are not intended to replace regular rug cleaning.

The broom method should be done with a broom with straw bristles if possible. Make sure the broom bristles are clean. If they're not, rinse them under running water for about a minute. Wet the broom bristles and sweep over the rug carefully in the direction of the pile. This method is like sweeping the floor. Wetting the bristles helps reduce air born dust while cleaning.

The sticky lint brush method involves a sticky clothing brush. This method is better for removing foreign fibers and strands of hair from the rug. Crumbs and dirt aren't as easily removed from the rug so it's not recommended. However this method reduces air born dust while cleaning.

The squeegee rug cleaning method uses a window cleaning tool. Start at one section of the rug and squeegee in the direction of the pile. This method helps remove surface crumbs and hair. However it's abrasive and can cause pile damage if repeated too often.

These method quick and easy and come in handy when you have last minute cleaning to do and no vacuum. Your rug should still go out for annual cleaning every year. Vivid Cleaning offers premium rug cleaning for Toronto and the GTA. Get your rugs professionally clean today.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Stairway to Heaven –Cleaning Carpeted Steps

Carpeted stairs are common to most households. They give comfort by providing warmth and extra cushioning to your feet. They also damp excess noise and are an easy way to add design to this area of your home. Steps can acquire shading from dirt because they are frequently used.

Carpeted steps need maintenance throughout the year. For weekly maintenance you should vacuum the carpet. Extension wands and brush wands make it easy to vacuum dirt from corners and the edges of the step. Using an electric brush wand while vacuuming optimizes dirt absorption and hair removal.

Your carpet should receive a deep cleaning with carpet steam cleaning at least once a year. This method uses pressurized hot water extraction to remove dirt from deep within the material.  This cleaning method involves vacuuming out the cleaning water to optimize drying.

Carpeted stairs can be cleaning efficiently since liquid spills don’t usually happen in this location. There is only dirt and dust that is can be removed efficiently. This makes the carpet cleaning fast and easy so you can get back to using the stairway.

Vivid Cleaning offers professional carpet stairway cleaning. We clean stairways in all areas of your home including basement steps. We also offer a variety of cleaning services to Toronto and the GTA. Our cleaning is done with the best professional carpet cleaning equipment available on the market. Make your life easier by scheduling an appointment with us today.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

The benefits of cleaning office chairs

We spend lots of time working, studying and using our computers. For our comfort we get a professional desk chair while we do activities. Overtime the desk chair gradually acquires dirt without us really noticing. Chair seat stains can also appear from food and drink.

Clean desk chairs improve work performance and motivation. Dirty office chairs don’t reflect well on clients, visitors and potential employees. Clean office chairs make the best impression on anyone visiting the office or place of business.

Dirt can come from a variety of sources such as food and drink. Other dirt deposits can come from sitting on the transit or our car seats. Dirt on desk chair seats can potentially transfer to clothing and coats as well.

If it’s especially long since the desk chairs have been cleaned, they may develop a smell. Cleaning the desk chairs will noticeably refresh the office air and reduce allergy symptoms.Dirty office chairs can host many pests such as dust mites, bacteria and mould. These pests can cause allergy symptoms for staff members and visitors. It can also affect work ethics.

Any upholstered fabric chairs in your office can get a deep steam cleaning. This includes couches, sofas and armchairs. The cleaning service is also for cubicle walls and office carpet.Vivid  Cleaning offers expert office cleaning services. We clean commercial offices in Toronto and the GTA. Call us today for a free quote and to schedule a cleaning appointment.